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The range of Vibrant Performance, Racing &...
by 1320ft
16-05-18 14:05:15
Aeroflow now offer a trade duty hydraulic...
14-05-18 09:27:14
Aeroflow's 2 into 1 merge collectors are...
14-05-18 09:25:43
Aeroflow's 5500 series mufflers are the...
14-05-18 09:22:59
All lists have been updated lots sold-more now...
13-05-18 18:26:04
F/C must go, make a reasonable offer and take...
07-05-18 20:37:42
10 gallon Mcamis fuel cell brand new only...
06-05-18 21:31:31
BSR Billet PSI Screw Blower Hat with straps...
by AeroPC
06-05-18 15:18:07
Sorry, the part number is SIM-42020BL, black...
19-04-18 19:10:21
17-04-18 10:01:33

Commercial News

Competition breeds innovation for Gulf Western Oil

2016 GulfWestern Bottles 17 dragnews

In the heat of competition and extremes of drag racing, you need an engine lubrication solution you can rely on for maximum protection at all times. For 30 years, Australia’s largest locally owned lubricants manufacturer Gulf Western Oil has worked on the philosophy that competition breeds innovation, and through motorsport it puts this theory to good use with their all-new Comp-R racing engine oil range.

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Sunoco Racing Methanol now available down under


The highest quality racing methanol is back in Australia and ready to power you to faster ETs and championship winning performances.

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