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Racepak and Waterman

Racepak and Waterman

A few more things to add to the list a lot of Racepak stuff!!!

Racepak Items

Complete Top Fuel Racepak Top Fuel Dragster PRO II System w/Dash 11,000.00
220-VS-TR300 V-Net Fuel Temperature Module 0-300 F Used 85.00
V-300 Main Harness Used Dragster 200.00
V-Net 36" Tee Cable Used 49.00
V-Net Male Terminator Cap New 10.00
220-VP-PT-NF215 N2O Fuel #2 15 PSI Module and Sensor Used 190.00
220-VP-PT-NF115 N2O Fuel #1 15 PSI Module and Sensor Used 190.00
230-VM-FLOW ZX Flow Meter V-Net Module Used 110.00
230-VM-RELAY V-Net Dual Relay Module Used 125.00
V-Net Female Terminator Cap New 10.00
230-VM-4ANA8 4 Channel V-Net 0-5V Input Module Used 90.00
V-Net Transducer Box Used 90.00
5 New Temperature Sensor Cable Connector Ends 9.00 each and 5 New Pressure Sensor Connectors 7.00 each
220-VP-PT-CP15 Carb Pressure Sensor and Module Used 0-15 PSI 200.00
220-VP-PT-NF115 N2O Fuel #3 15 PSI Module and Sensor Used 190.00
230-VM-5DIFF V-Net Mdule 0-5 Volt Boost #2 Used 125.00
220-VS-3000SVT 0-3000PSI Wing PSI Module Used 75.00
230-VM-BVOLT 25 Volt Max Module Used 75.00
V-Net Used EGT Boxes With Good Used EGT's Pair 1000.00
New Set of ISS EGT's 300.00
220-VS-3000SVT Range 0-3000PSI Wing PSI Right V-Net Module and Sensor Used 200.00
NEW Racepak Clutch RPM Sensor 100.00 w/Extension Cable
Racepak 0-100 PSI Analog Oil Pressure Guage with V-Net Cables Used 100.00
V-Net Bulkhead Connector New 55.00
NEW V-Net 12" Interface Extension Cable 45.00
V-Net Extension Cable 96" Used 40.00
V-Net Extension Cable 36" Used 30.00
220-VP-FWZX Zero Crossing Front Wheel RPM Module Used 125.00
PRO 1/2 Analog Box Non-Pass Through Box Fresh From Racepak 70.00
2 PRO 1/2 Input Analog Cable Used 52" 65.00
PRO 1/2 Input Analog Cable Used 36" 55.00
RACEPAK Serial Port Programming Cable Used 40.00
PRO 1/2 52" Mag Phase Cable 2 Pin Connector Used 40.00
175" PRO 1/2 EGT Cable all new cable reused ends fresh from racepak 150.00
Slide Linear Used(Linear can be used for a postion sensor like throttle position) 190.00
PRO 1/2 Transducers:
NEW 500 PSI 235.00
Used G-Meter 60.00
2-Used 0-5 Volt Out 60.00


Waterman Mini Bertha Approx 17 Gallon .800 Gear no Shutoff Good Condition 1100.00

Misc. Stuff

Twistlock Valve Cover Breather Tubes only Valve Cover Side 85.00
New Chance Converter Sprag 26 Spline 1.300 ID
Contact Scott Gaddy @ 704-778-6974 or nitrostacker@gmail.com

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