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04-02-15 10:52:57
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

It's all good Geoff(ster), I can accept that you are a Ford man leaning towards a MoPaR. :-P

Michael, back when i had my Group 3 Commodore i would race it at every race meeting i could. I think i did 130 passes in one year racing in Perth, QLD, Sydney and Victoria! I also won enough money to cover my racing costs less $1000! (I wish i could do that in Group 2!)

As mentioned above, the cost of running a Group 2 car at the top of the pack is much higher than most people would believe. I would prefer to save my dollars to continue developing the engine (and race in the australian championship) rather than race at every meeting at the local track. I think i mentioned i am not sponsored by anyone, so everything comes out of my back pocket. if i had sponsors to assist with the costs of racing, i would be out there at every opportunity and i expect that the QLD Group 2 racers would have similar thoughts. Why spend all the money for one championship meeting a year, and why go and wear it out for no prizemoney?

I also understand Geoof Crisp's thoughts on getting into group 2. Why, running a 7sec dragster in Modified is no different to a 7sec dragster in Comp, right? Wrong. a bracket race engine for modified that is reliable and consistent might cost $20-30K to build and a set of valve springs a season and maybe one or two oil changes with off the shelf oil. to be competitive in Comp, he will need a motor that might cost $60+k second hand, a set of valve springs every meeting or two (providing none go soft during the meeting) and then an engine freshen every 25-30 passes to make sure the rings are still sealing and you're not losing vacuum. Amortise that $20k engine freshen into your 30 runs and the engine maintenance (less valve springs) is $666.66 per run. add fuel at $20 per Lt, oil change every meeting at $200.00, plus transport and accomodation and Group 3 is looking very attractive!

25-01-15 17:47:38
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

G'day Rob,

IMHO, participation numbers starting reducing when we went from 6 or 7 rounds of the championship to 11+ rounds. We also saw the introduction of Super Comp at meetings where numbers don't fill fields, and so far we have seen it at the 1/8 mile regional tracks + Adelaide. Larger meetings like the Nationals, Nitro Champs and Winternationals have seen good size fields despite the smaller fields at other meetings.

Small tracks like Portland, while awesome little facilities struggle to handle the faster Group 2 cars. (Comp and Super Stock and even Comp Bike.) At 146 mph I struggled to stop at Portland throwing both chutes early. I don't know how the Doorslammers did it during Slamfest at 200mph and weighing 400Lb more than me! If a car has a chute failure you're relying on the sand and catch net to get you stopped, where at a larger facility you 'might' have been able to get it stopped on the brakes.

I think if the series was brought back to two rounds in Sydney, two in QLD, two in Victoria, two in Adelaide and the Western Nationals then you would see entry numbers and participation across the board increase. This would give the racers time to freshen their equipment between rounds and even do some R&D. Even at 9 rounds, someone like me in Victoria wouldn't travel north too often as the current 300 point cap is not encouraging you to keep going once you reach 300 points, regardless of the cost of racing.

For me, the hardest part about racing in the championship has been the cost of interstate travel. Up until the last few months with petrol over $1.60 a litre getting anywhere is expensive. When I raced at my first Winternatinals in 2003 I was paying $0.75c a litre all through Victoria and was shattered when I paid $1.01 in central NSW! Only now are we back to $1.00/lt in Melbourne.

Racing at any level is expensive as we know. A 6-sec Top Sportsman car isn't cheap! Group 2 racers choose to race Group 2. I know it is hard to understand if you're new to drag racing, or parents and friends, but we race it because we know it is a unique form of the sport. I was part of the proposal a couple of years ago to get rid of record setting in qualifying as I believed that would improve the show to the spectators. it didn't get through, that's ok, we keep racing.

I would love to go and race in Pro Stock, but lets be honest, the step between Group 1 and Group 2 is larger than people think. You and I have cars that would be competitive in Pro Stock, but the engine development and constant R&D is something you can do with HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars behind you, or if you're an engine builder, do yourself. For someone like me who is a self funded racer there is no way I could race Pro Stock without some serious sponsorship. Peter Ridgeway might freshen my engine once a season and that cost is more than it would cost to build a good Super Sedan engine! Imagine doing that after every championship round and having a spare motor to rotate, or continue development around.

At the same time I don't want to go and race Group 3, even Top Sportsman. I have previously raced Super Sedan, however I like the challenge of running to a set of rules and trying to improve my package all the time and tuning the engine and chassis for the conditions. I am fortunate to have some help with my transmission (plug for Paul Rogers Performance Transmissions), but everything else comes out of my hard earned AFTER TAX money!

Increasing prize money would help, but it isn't only Group 2 that need to be looked at, at 100% of the full amount a Group 2 winner gets $2500. In Pro Stock you win the meeting and only get $3500. I know there is much more money being invested in their pits than in our pits, but they only get $1k more.  Similar in Comp when looking at Top Alcohol Doorslammer. Look across the board at the investment by the racers, prize money is low. I know prize money hasn't changed since I started racing interstate 11yrs ago and the 50%-75% prize money scale is significant when every dollar counts.

For the future of Group 2 I don't know. I think ANDRA need to try something. Things like taking record setting opportunity out of qualifying. How do they know it wont work without trying it. Imagine the news headlines when someone runs 1.0 sec under the index in qualifying! Get the 6cyl turbo falcons in F/MS to get the Ford and Holden guys going at each other. Maybe the Camaro and Mustang coming to Australia will be good for drag racing in 2017 once the Holden, Ford and Toyota leave (which is another topic you don't want to get me started on!)

I will be back out soon. I had a break after buying a new tow car and am getting ready for a major freshen on the motor. I figured spending a bit of time on the sidelines to save some money and come back bigger and better is more important than chugging alone maintaining things without making any improvements.

I don't know if I have answered anything there, just given some opinions. default/smile


Darren Parker
B/APA 2362

Price updated, $93,000.00 negotiable.

Perfect for towing up to 4500Kg on the towbar, or 7.9T as a 5th wheeler! heaps of power and great economy.

02-10-14 13:28:04
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench


Top Performance in Melbourne are authorised Koni agents. Not sure if they know much about the Electric rebound control, but i would guess they have access to all the koni parts.

Would be cheaper than going back to the USA if they are able to repair them?

Cheers and good luck,


2010 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD MY11 Crew Cab LML

Summit White Crew Cab with Black Leather interior.

35,633km Converted to Right Hand Drive in April 2013.

Save thousands on a new truck!

2011 model truck with latest LML version of the 6.6Lt Duramax Turbo Diesel, 397Hp and 1037Nm of torque and 6 speed Alison 1000 transmission.

Options and extras included:
Remote Vehicle Start.
Edge CTS Touch Screen Auxiliary Gauge monitoring System.
Reversing Camera.
Reversing Sensors.
Roll up tarpaulin and bed protector.
Bonnet Protector.
Electric Tinted Windows
Cruise Control.
Head Curtain Airbags + Seat Mounted Side Impact Airbags.
Adjustable pedals.
Engine Exhaust Brake.
Auto Dual Zone Air Conditioning.
CD Player with USB Port.
Console Storage tray.
Bluetooth phone connection with steering wheel controls.
Locking EZ Lift Tailgate with lowering assist gas cylinder.
Programmable remote control for your home garage door.
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Z71 2WD Sports package.
Z85 Heavy Duty Suspension.
Towing Package (on board brake controller and Tow/Haul mode with trailer stability control.)
Tow 5000kg on tow bar, or 7900kg as a 5th wheel and carry 1400kg in the back. (5th wheel not fitted.)
20” Factory wheels with brand new Goodyear Wrangler LT Tyres.

Recently serviced engine and transmission. New Baldwin Engine Oil Filter with Penrite Oil, Transmission Filter and Fuel Filter.

I will throw in the following;
10Lt Penrite engine oil.
3Lt Penrite ATF Dextron 6 transmission fluid.

Chevrolet Build specification sheet with all options available upon inspection.

Regretful, but genuine sale.

$93,000 negotiable

0407 535 645 or Darrenp@socobell.com.au for more details.

25-04-14 23:31:02
Chev Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F250, F350 LT305/55R20 tyres For Sale
Category: The Garage

PIcs attached,








25-04-14 23:26:49
Chev Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F250, F350 LT305/55R20 tyres For Sale
Category: The Garage

For sale,

Set of four 20 x 9 Eagle Alloy black rims with LT305/55R20 Falken Wildpeak A/T tyres that have heaps of tread and very few km on them.

8 x 180mm stud pattern to suit late model (2011+) Silverado, Sierra or other 8 stud truck. I am not sure if these fit a Ford F250-350 or not, you will need to confirm.

In excellent condition, no marks, scratches or damage.

They came with the 2500HD i bought and not the look i want.

Need them gone $1,800.00 Negtiable

Located in Melbourne, will assist with interstate delivery.


26-02-14 14:16:55
Melbourne area?
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench


Jeff Cutajar in Melbourne, or Mark Brew. Both crew for Peter Kapiris.

Cheers and good luck.


18-05-13 12:12:37
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I don't know for other racers, but for me, i am over the 300 point cap to take into the final round of the championship.

With the Winters not being the final round of the championship anymore, 5 or 6 days off work (no annual leave anymore as i am with a new employer), tow money and the huge entry fee makes us question the value of the trip from Melbourne.

(Consider that to race in Perth it costs me a similar amount to race (flights and car in a container) and i only need to take two days off work and i get a 50% bonus on any points i score.)

Instead, i am putting the money and time into developing the package so when i come out later in the year i will ensure that i remain competitive in Group 2.

As someone said above, Group 2 isn't cheap and when you are paying out of your own pocket you need to be aware of what you're spending money on. As an example, there isn't much difference in my setup than 90% of the Pro Stocker's running around. The only cost i don't have is a clutch, however don't for a minute think that running a Proflite is cheap either. Maintenance on it is crazy as well!

Not making excuses or whinging, just explaining why Group 2 entries might be down a bit on last year and why i am unfortunately not traveling up to race this year.

Yes Max, ANDRA changed the points system from a 200 point cap (your two best results) to a 300 point cap (unlimited number of results to reach the cap) going into the final round of the season. This was due to going from 6 or 7 rounds in the Sportsman championship to 11 rounds.

WA racers still have to travel out of WA to get the bonus points they may have scored at the Western Nationals.


Gebbler Stainless Steel Tri-Y headers for sale.

Originally off NHRA Pro Stock Truck designed for 350~400ci Symetrical port SBC. Port and Tube sizes available on request.

8 x O2 sensor bungs fitted.

Lightweight Stainless Steel with Merge Collectors and megaphone outlet.

Suit Chassis car, Altered or Dragster.

Condition: Excellent
Price: $1850.00
0407 535 645

Racepak V-Net 0-15psi Carb Fuel Pressure Sensor for sale.

Brand new in box. Contains sensor and V-net cable.

Part No. 220-VP-PT-CP15

Price includes Express Post Australia wide.

Can email picture to interested buyers.

Condition: Brand new never used.
Price: $300

Ph: 0407 535 645
Email: Darrenp@socobell.com.au

Parts for sale off 399ci Australian Super Stock Max effort Small Block Chev. Suitable for Australian Pro Stock, ANDRA / NHRA Competition Eliminator, Super Stock or big cubic inch N/A Outlaw.

· Jesel Camshaft Belt Drive, Jesel Belt Drive Distributor and MSD plug leads. MSD Digital 7 fibre optic sensor on # 1 plug lead. $1000

· MSD Flying Magnet Crank Trigger with pickup. $250

· ATI Super Damper + pointer. $250

· Meziere SBC water pump in Black. $200

· CFE SBX-A Cylinder heads CNC ported by TRE for 4.400 bore space. Small repair on Cyl#4 as seen in photos. Jesel Rocker gear (plus spares) with tool steel adjusters, PSI springs, Titanium valves, Titanium Retainers and coated Titanium Locks. 4 corner cooling or plugs for front only cooling. TRE Billet Runner intake manifold with adjustable plenum volume and Star Vacuum Relief Valve fitted to valley cover. Carb linkages on manifold to suit carbs below. $9500

· 2 x Dominator carbs updated by Bob Book with Braswell components for ERC fuel (no jets).Magnafuel 4-port regulator with insulated Speedflow lightweight hoses. $3500

· Billet Shear plates x 2 to suit carbs and manifold. $250

·Jesel Bronze insert pushrods x 16 (Can be shortened to suit new length.)     $500

· Jesel Keyway roller lifters x 16. $500

· 3.570” Stroke Crower Lightweight REM polished Crankshaft. Large Journal mains, Honda big end. $1750

· All you need to complete the motor is a block, pistons, rods, and camshaft!

· This package went 7.44 @ 182.97 in Haas GXP at 6lb/ci (399ci) with 3spd auto at 1.03 correction factor. All parts are in good condition with dyno time and a total of 46 passes on them. Going in a different direction now and need to move them on.

· Would like to sell the lot for $15,500 with free delivery in Australia, or buy all the parts separately for a total of $17,700 plus the ride. Photos of all parts available on request.

· A1 Torque converter to suit above combination. 30 passes on converter. $1000 (if you buy it with the engine parts above I’ll throw it on the pallet with no extra freight charges.)

· 5.25: 1. Mark Williams Diff centre. Low drag ball bearing pinion support, Lamb/Richmond 9.5” Cryo pro gears and 40 spline Aluminium spool. Aluminium yoke. 15 passes. $2000 (if you buy it with the engine parts above I’ll throw it on the pallet with no extra freight charges.)

Click on the link for photos.

Darren Parker
AH: 0407 535 645

11-07-12 11:41:20
9.5" Mark Williams Diff Centre 5.25:1
Category: The Garage

5.25: 1. Mark Williams Diff centre. Low drag ball bearing pinion support, Lamb/Richmond 9.5” Cryo pro gears and 40 spline aluminium spool. Aluminium yoke.

15 passes


AH: 0407 535 645

24-08-10 07:31:29
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

The Motorvate Melbourne show is confirmed to air on 1 HD this Friday 27th August 2010 at 9.30pm EST Melb, Syd, Bris, 9.00pm CST Adelaide and 7.30pm WST Perth.

Keep an eye out for it and if you were there you might see your head or your car on TV!

Darren Parker
B/APA or Pro Stock TBA.
Haas GXP
TRE 399
Coming soon!!

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