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07-03-13 19:54:38
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Whenever he is less broken, I imagine!

Donato Zotti wrote:

Dave Hunter wrote:

The less said about that meeting, the better.  It didn't count for points either, in the end.

Yeah, that meeting didn't count for points... but there was some great racing, I remember Phil Read went 4.58

That's true, although first impressions can be hugely influencing into what the crowd thinks as well.  I think Top Fuel at that meeting was meant to be two or three weeks previous, but numbers pushed it back.  The common customer to a sporting event can be a fickle being.  I put money that the Christians were never meant to be eaten by lions at the Coliseum, they probably just had to add that to the program so the spectators weren't bored sh$%less... default/wink

And to answer why PM should pay tow money?  Well, it doesn't have to, but it's certainly affecting the numbers we normally see from interstate.  The costs of fuel, accommodation and food/drink for one team alone would run into thousands of dollars.  And it's not just a dollar cost either.  Everyone's time from home and work is also counted as a cost.  Anything to lessen that burden can make a psychological difference as to whether a team wants to make the big trip.  And really, anything would probably make the difference.

I wonder if a few more local WA tracks between here and Adelaide, along with a carefully constructed calendar which makes the trips a little less like a cross-country run and straight back would help.  Imagine going from Adelaide (one day!) to Kal, then possibly to... I dunno, Southern Cross, Northam, then to PM.  And then back again.

EDIT:  These points probably come up time and again from a few others, so apologies for that.  Just a small opinion in a number of thousands...

The less said about that meeting, the better.  It didn't count for points either, in the end.

Mike Lanigan wrote:

The fans would have been happy with side by side 4.90's all night but it seemed like everyone wanted to set a world record and either went up in smoke or broke parts and lubricated the track.

Even the world's finest nitro brains can't figure out how they can setup a nitromethane car to be as regular as clockwork.  Far too many variables in setup for instance, plus once in a while it just goes f#$%^ing bang once in a while for good measure.

Plus what drag racer wouldn't want to be setting world records or improving their best performances?  If the car is capable and the track is good, then go hell for leather I say.

There was nothing wrong with the show per say on the Friday, save for the dismal hour and a half of sheer nothing at the end.  We know who was at fault and there's not much more that can be said for it.  The track staff tried their best to get it all up, they really did.  But the reality was most of them were mopping, washing and compounding the track well into the early hours of the morning.  I heard it took 9 hours before satisfaction was found.  That's a hell of a spill.

The numbers of fields, as Ken Beale pointed out in his earlier post, worries me also.  What incentive do the door cars and the Pro Stockers have later in the year?  Probably not very much in the big scheme of things.  Pro Stock might have the better reason to go (not as many series rounds as the other classes), but that doesn't make it any better.  It's a long way to come without some sort of carrot to attract them over the Nullarbor.

I wonder what will eventuate at the January meeting for T/F.  If it doesn't even meet the 5 cars we got for this one, the alarm bells should be deafening...

I would have thought opening the rules on what bodies are allowed in T/D would have made more sense.  Sure, they don't use manufacturer engines, but then again, it's no more fake than NASCAR is, yet it doesn't harm the marketing publicity over there.

30-10-11 21:03:06
whats going on with tv coverage
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Marco Tolomeo wrote:

I am thinking there has to be a better way to get our sport to the masses but how ???.

By not sticking it in a backward, not-available-everywhere digital channel.  Oh wait, we already did that...

19-09-10 22:18:50
Nationals Poll
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

Paul Drady wrote:

The track at the Nitros i felt was far better than the track that greeted the races last weekend.

Blimey, that's a pretty big call.  Friday night at the Nitros was good up to a certain point, then fell away very quickly as the temps dropped.  Although the Saturday and Sunday was much improved.

Fair to say the track would have been about the same?

19-09-10 22:09:07
Nationals Poll
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

I tuned in for two of the three days.  That alone made it the best yet.  If you told me we would have live audio from Sydney last year, I would have said "Yeah, but for how much?"

Zap DNQing is disappointing, but it's not the first and probably not the last time.  Life's funny like that.  Everyone else had a bit of a pearler by the sounds of it though,

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