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30-03-16 16:29:26
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

No need to get personal Mark. I found this an opportunity to get a wide range of inputs from different groups.
I think the main point is that the crux of the sport has no say in the changes that ultimately affect them.
Remember all of your group one racers didn't start straight in Group 1 as you would know
Everyone racers within their budget, and to everyone putting a car or bike down the track I raise my glass.
Sadly like all other forums this is a 'what is in it for me' and hence drag racing is where it is now and will continue to be so
To save any more personal insults I'll leave it there - good luck to all and I hope you get out of the sport what you want.

Personally I hope your 400T venture gets 8-10 Pro cars and bikes at every round and huge prize money, big sponsors that enable all racers to travel; around the country


26-03-16 11:22:05
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Glassby Motorsport wrote:

.So again I say that no nothing has changed since going to IHRA except the cost so yes yippee it's cheaper for the same thing .

That’s a win? – not all this upheaval for the sake of a cheap license and no rule book.
I think it is narrow minded to suggest the ditching of ANDRA has assisted with the change in the show format. It is common knowledge that PM has typically run outside of the ANDRA format forever in a day with Top Comp and Super Comp. Hell they even ditched one of the record setting events (The Golden States RIP) in favour of their own format.
The extras have been asked for and suggested by the majority of racers for over 10 years. Rod (who I may add is a proven and successful event manager in other disciplines) has requested the same. Chucking some money at it has brought the required results at least in the short term
Craig from a racer point of view only (I think it is unfair that your friendship with the Miocevich family it used against you) you have a member on the 400T racer commission
Are you happy with the current situation with the 400T and the effect it is having on our sport?
Are you happy that the sales pitch used to entice the Gp. 1 racers to 400T is being achieved (sponsors, crowds, $750000 prize money, TV exposure) It was released by Tony Wedlock that changes were going to going to progress the sport rapidly
Are you confident that all of the tracks can manage the ever increasing legal fees and rule book fees?
Have all of the tracks delivered on their promises so far to you as a racer?
Are all of the Gp 1 racers fully supportive of the 400T series and committed to the survival of the series on the medium to long term?
As a racer are you expecting the prize money for 400T to cover the cost of your racing, as this appears to have been one of the issues facing ANDRA?
Do you think we have jumped too far too soon with this transition?
Are you aware if discussions have taken place regarding another series being formed?

Simon is 100% correct (as always he is a smart egg). The sportsman racers who make up the largest contingency of racers, entry fees and spectators had little or no say. They are expected to turn up and race. Luckily here in WA our Group 1 racers stuck with the sportsman guys as much as they could. This is the strength that I think is only prevalent in WA.

The sportsman racers are waiting for further options to open and present to them and it will happen. The long term future of drag racing is hinging on a knife edge at the moment. 85% of Group 1 racers came from the sportsman ranks. If they choose not to race, develop and step up, where is the long term future of our sport?
As a father of 2 prospective JD racers, I believe I have the right to understand the future of their chosen sport. After all it’s for fun isn’t it? We all do this for fun?
Sadly the fun and sense of belonging has moved aside for money and power

As a long term official, fan and a few years on the DC with ANDRA if am extremely sad and empty that the sport has decayed into a legal and selfish debacle. There are no winners, everyone is at fault and maturity in coming together for an agreeable, sensible and egoless outcome isn’t coming to fruition.
Mediation was touted very, very early on, and this was rejected strongly by the tracks, long before the sanctions were removed. ANDRA fees have been too high for too long.

As I mentioned elsewhere, put the cues in the rack, head to the bar, have a beer. Yell at each other, shake hands and WORK TOGETHER.
Sadly I feel that the envelope for longevity of this sport is closing. People will find other avenues of entertainment and fun if they haven’t already.
Don’t you think we have real problems of people are selling up, buying cruisers and going for car rallies instead of drag racing and bringing their friends and family to watch? I certainly do

I hope everyone who racers next weekend has a safe end to their season. Hopefully next season brings back the fun and enjoyment aspect..

18-03-16 20:58:27
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Regardless of the sanctioning body my young fella is getting ready to race JD's and I think it will be good for us all.
But in the context of the discussion - the whole T400 vs ANDRA championship is a sad state of affairs.
The argument here is that the tracks wanted to take on Gp 1, ANDRA wouldn't play so they went to IHRA and created these new names for most brackets.
The crowds, the full fields, the big money and sponsors promised haven't got there yet. Will they? Not sure
The TV deal is there, but showing small fields and empty stands - not really appealing to sponsors.
The live stream - big win, but the tracks wouldn't let ANDRA do that before, so no real comparison.
The general feeling of our sport between us is sad. The rest of motorsport are probably thankful that we are in the state we are, as there is no competition for sponsors.
Like Craig I have been involved for a long time in this sport (not to the capacity as him) but honestly I could walk away and stay away. The whole last year has been disgraceful and a blight on our great sport. That is for everyone involved in this great divide.
So what has changes - the feeling of contempt from the majority of racers, fans and crews.
Are all of the Gp 1 guys on-board with the new deal?- well if they are happy that their license fees have dropped whoo hoo. But not much else is better, and you would be disillusioned to think so....

Good to see you back on the scooter again Lukey.
Shame about Terry Burnett - been next to a boomer before and it hits pretty hard...
Can't say I am unhappy they slowed the jets down - I was getting a bit concerned that it was going to end ugly(er) eventually

Hopefully the Fuel Car and Fuel Scooter meet is going to be a good one, not too sure on the 2 rounds in one weekend thing for the first meeting - it can pretty much determine your championship aspirations in one weekend. One thing is for certain I'm sure the crowds will even out over the 2 days.

23-10-13 13:08:43
Did Calder Deliver?
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

I agree that the changes have opened up many more opportunities than were available. It seems that a lot of people still don't like change and there is certainly some customer interactions that need to be developed and some streamlining of ideas.
I'm more confident in the development plan, business plan and the attempts to get bums on seats not only at the big 3 tracks, but also around the country.
This is certainly a step in the right direction. People have critised ANDRA for not having drag racing in Melbourne - the so called corporate capital of Australia. The outcome wasn't what everyone wanted but it's certainly done that
All we need is someone or just as imporatantly ANDRA to secure that big name sponsor

21-10-13 11:09:32
Did Calder Deliver?
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

Maybe none of the other tracks didn't want the Grand Finals. Huge risk if you already have your 2 big meeting per season and you lose one to weather.
The new calendar was designed around many different things - calendar year, flow of Pro Series meetings and weather.
I'm sure it wasn't a 'throw darts at a dart board' concept.

While I'm here lets be honest - how do you perceive the last few years in our sport? Has the new administration created more opportunities and given the sport more of a direction or do you think the changes have caused more pain and misery?

20-07-13 11:16:15
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Hey Lukey welcome back,
I would like to see some sort of training to go with this. Stuff around start line hot areas, pit vehicle safety etc. doesn't have to be extensive (booklet and Q and A), but as you know it's better for everyone to be equipped with a higher level of knowledge than one or 2.More chance of someone having the courage to speak out if they see something wrong.
Works in the production industry and our level of safety is comparable in many aspects (consequence vs. probability)
Just putting it out there...

Good move - are officials covered also as I could see this training benefiting that process too.

Another good move forward by head office :-)

10-05-13 13:14:46
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

"Lee done a similar thing at Willowbank. It was 1st round on the sat night (the pass after the 4.50) there was a slight oil down before there run in the left lane after the clean up they done a lane swap to the right lane and after the pass they asked Lee why he changed lanes and he said 'Because they didn't clean the oil off the track they just dragged over it' then he just walked away. I lost abit of respect for him after that and after reading the above I can see why. Just my opinion."

He wasn't lying - It's surprising what a rub and/or light spray can do with a fine mist of oil. Well until a wash or a hot day

Good luck to him, this happens all the time whether it be drag racing, football or work. Such is life. Even Comp Plus hasn't made too much of a deal about it. I just hope RAI keep on the road of progress that they are on and get some good results with Dixon driving

19-04-13 11:49:23
Comments on the 2013 Nitro Champs.
Category: DNA Newsbits
Forum: NewsBits

My belief is that the larger Pro Series AND Aeroflow combinations should just be the ANDRA eliminators. If there is a need for support it should be off the track.

That was how it used to be (in the rule book I believe) until Calder got the exemption to run the Jets at the Nationals in the 90's, then Willowbank run Supercharged Outlaws at the Winters, then the rule got canned.

But times change, and so do the demographics, politics and costs.

I do agree with Whitey run exhibition brackets as long as the main brackets don't suffer from any possible hold up from incidents. It is a gamble, same as running grudgies but also a fine line to keep your crowd entertained during turn around times. Don't forget any vehicle can blow up and oil down

I'm really disappointed I can't make it - this has the making of a really awesome meeting. I pray that the crowds get there to support all of the categories and also the first time in god knows how long all 3 Nitro brackets are racing

Good luck and safe racing to all, and thanks in advanced to DNA for the coverage. It keeps me sane up in Karratha when I'm working


12-04-13 08:37:28
Comments on the 2013 Nitro Champs.
Category: DNA Newsbits
Forum: NewsBits

Plenty of info bought some new sparing with more to come dependent on sponsorship (Bruce may fill you in)
Old sponsor(s)chucking some $$ in (even after the false public accusations)
Black Mamba front halved and updated
No entry list yet

04-04-13 08:59:46
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I think (well I know) there is more to this than the prizemoney. I also believe it involves other parties within our sport.
I'm sure that things will be better in the long run, and it's a shame yes, but how ofetn to people keep doing the same things even if they aren't happy with the result with the hope it will get better.
We have a Doorslammer association who has done some great stuff for it's members, and they all towed out the lanes at the Nitro champs when they weren;t happy. Well guess what did it fix some of there issues?
Let's see what the future holds, what's done is done.

So Santo is going to run at the Nitro Champs Donato? He's breaking ranks with the other Fuel Car guys is he? Well I guess he is the one who didn't sign then...

30-03-13 19:53:30
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

What can ANDRA do? Make them enter? Take their licenses off them? Have a think about it no one is paid to race, no one has to race, no one has to do anything ANDRA says as long as they comply with the rule book.
Oh yeah maybe ANDRA can foot the bill for prizemoney, oh wait that's right the entry form is a contract between the racer and track, and the track pays the prizemoney.
Why don't we all chill and wait until the counter release is released??

30-03-13 15:25:41
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I'll hold judgement unlike most others here until I read the response, and I applaude the fact they will wait until the Santo race is done.
However for years and years there have been 'conditions' on payment, whether it be performance based, towing across, consistancy, customers through the gate etc.
And yes we have all heard about the racer getting ripped off, the promoter getting ripped off and the spectator getting ripped off.
What I see so far is that a group of Professional racers have formed their own entity and will make decisions based on the group's agreement. It also appears that this entity will have the members best interests as it's main driver.
Does this sounds like the same as the Doorslammer guys did? and didn't they create a marketing opportunity for themselves? Has it been successful?
So really what does it mean? Time will tell I guess but if they are going to use their product as a basis for negotiation then they must have some pretty good things on the horizon?

And a final comment, the Funny Car guys deserve a chance to run. But opportunities have been available and not all take them up (and I'm not speaking just of the Perth deal). The same thing happened at Ravenswood years ago, the TF guys chose not to come, the funny car guys did (with one notable exception) and it was a great meeting!

16-03-13 12:40:35
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I've seen it all too Grant. I even see people standing on line with nitro motors/clutches on the start line, and even some of the ANDRA hierarchy doing it.
Does it scare me - hell yeah.
I've stood near enough to 2 TF motors on the start line, they hit you so hard it rattles your teeth. I've been next to a Nitro Harley lift the head off on the start line, and I felt the punch in the chest as well.
And reaction times for people to move? Well I reckon you have less than a second to move, you can duck and brace but that is about it. And that is if your first thought is self preservation. A lot of the time your brain is trying to work out what is going on.
Anyone remember Graeme Cowin climbing the wall at the Winters in 1999. Someone near the wall would have lost their head in that case. Between wheel coming off and the rail over the wall was less that a second!! That is also excluding the wheel that rolled at high speed down the side of the track
As this guy in the Comp Plus article mentioned it can happen. Should safety be compromised because it hasn't happened, or only happens 1 in 1000 times?
Does industry take the same chances? I know if we do a simple risk matrix a lot of these don't register very highly, but there are some that would.
The final question I pose is that if you saw something that was dangerous and you did nothing to stop it and something occurred how would you feel?
I guess a lot of people need to ask themselves this question....

14-03-13 11:25:38
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Those who know me know I was pretty passionate about keeping the start line area at PM pretty clear. Seems the topic has come up on CompPlus. Sure I copped a bit of flack but I thought we had a pretty good system (no one in front of the start line crew, crew back from vehicles, no one in front of cars or directly behind). What are your comments on the post below from Comp Plus. There have been numerous incidents that have had the potential to end rather nasty - is it only a matter of time?


NHRA has been on a pretty solid effort over the last year to limit the numbers of people at the starting line at National Events.. Especially during Pro Sessions, but Alcohol too. If security sees you at almost every race and knows you're not getting in the way or just trying to get on TV, they are a little more relaxed with you. They even started issuing a single "Track Observer" pass to the Pro teams because everyone would be up on the starting line or walking the track while they were trying to run Sportsman rounds. A lot of it is the fan experience, but the bigger picture is potential injuries. Can it be a hassle to do what you feel is your job? Sometimes, but you understand the reasons.

The more people surrounding the cars during burnouts and launch, the bigger the potential liability claim should something catastrophic happen. And lets face it, it is incredibly busy and dangerous up there, nobody wants to see anyone injured regardless of liability. Team dignitaries and VIP's are understood and sometimes allowed up there, but they are supposed to stay with the car they're with, or their appointed NHRA chaperone. Otherwise, you stay back in the quarantined off "Restricted Viewing Area". Photographers are also policed pretty hard as far as where they can be and when and have to be registered and approved by NHRA for access.

Problem is the smaller events with less security to enforce the typical rules. We sign the same participant waivers for restricted/starting line access at divisionals as we do nationals, but it isn't policed as hard. I've seen spectators at divisionals standing 3 feet from the starting line 3 sheets to the wind and a beer in hand. Not a good place for a stumbly fan to be. 44 Photographers lining the walls is absolutely ridiculous. I think the most I've seen at Nationals along the walls at any given time are about 10...

Just imagine the Herbert explosion with today's power levels. People get hit by debris shot out by the tires during burnouts(I've seen little pebbles hitting the tower at Pomona that I wouldn't want to be standing in front of from the burnout). Cars get squirrely sometimes and swing way left or right, cars can dart when they hook after the burnout. Driveshafts and slip yokes can break. Oil lines can come loose. Nitrous cars backfire. NITRO cars have hydraulic'd just trying to start them. I've even seen where a car's header collector SHOT out from under the car and hit someone hard enough to send them out in an ambulance. Drivers have accidentally launched cars in Reverse.. The list goes on.

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