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06-05-18 15:18:07
Category: The Garage

BSR Billet PSI Screw Blower Hat with straps $2,500
Lexus V8 Bell Housing with adapter to fit Reid Powerglide case $400
65mm Blower Idler Pulley $250
33 teeth 8mm PSI Blower Pulley – new $150
25 teeth 14mm Blower Top Pulley $150
28 teeth 14mm Blower Top Pulley $150
36 teeth 14mm Blower Bottom Pulley – no offset $150
3 ¾” PSI Screw Blower Snout with Quill Shaft $400
4” ¼ “ PSI Screw Blower Snout with Quill Shaft, PSI adapter, Starter Dog $650
Transmission Oil Cooler $100
Richmond Ford 9” 5.0 Gears P/N 80-6462-1 $250
MSD 3 Step Module $50
Peterson Remote Relief Valve P/N PFS09-0160 $75
Phone or text Paul 0418 959 892

15-05-17 20:46:08
Weld Wheels - Alumastar spindle Mounts - New
Category: The Garage

You still have the rims?

Weld Alumistar 2.0 Lightweight Double Beadlock rims with Hoosier tyres
15 x 15 x 5.5 with 5.0 backspace. Black centre and black bead locks. Raced one season - gone to 16".
Hoosier 33 x 16 x 15 C07 Compound - 5 runs from new.
F100 Heavy Duty braced diff housing - needs work. Either weld on your 4 link plates, or salvage the floater weld in assemblies.
Strange 5.5" Full Floater assy including hubs, brakes, discs, axles etc.
$5,000.00 located in Perth. Buyer to organise freight if not in Perth.
Paul 0418 959 892

08-11-16 10:49:51
Topic: SOLD
BA Falcon
Category: The Garage

BF Falcon Top Doorslammer. Popular car and looks great. Drives dead straight with new 4 link rear. Great car and easy to drive - regrettable sale but new project to come.

ANDRA Top Doorslammer, IHRA Pro Slammer
•    BSR Built – low number of runs.
•    Light car. Weighs 2700lb with 100lb weight blocks in with small block.
•    New Heavy Duty 4 Link rear with upper wishbone. Infinitely adjustable HD plates. Runs 1.02 60’ - dead straight with small block.
•    New Pro-Mod rear torsion bar kit. Single adjustable wheelie bar.
•    New Santhuff rear shocks.
•    Carbon body, doors and front clip.
•    Ally fuel and dry sump tanks.
•    New Racing Harness 2016.
•    Ally seat - Suit big driver – or insert for smaller driver.
•    Air activated Stroud chutes – always come out hard.
•    Sheet metal heavy-duty rear diff, with Strange Floaters/brakes and 40 spline Axles. No center.
•    Complete spare Strange Floaters/brakes and Axles.
•    2015 certified twin onboard fire system.
•    Small block engine plate in car now. Spare Hemi clutch engine plate.
•    Hemi Zoomie spares and hemi tail shaft for Lenco.
•    Rear 4130 diff tail shaft removable loop.
•    34.5” x 17 Gold rears on Double Bead lock rims.
•    Cable adjustable internal mirror for tree.
$42,000 - Perth pickup. Stick your drive train in and go Group 1 Racing.
Paul 0418 959 892

18-04-16 01:29:23
Category: The Garage

Drag Racing Powerglide for sale.
Reid Case, Pro Mod 8 clutch pack and drum, 1.80 straight cut gears and all the mods for up to 2,500hp. Just add your bell housing.
2 Ringless shafts polished and cryo'd that held over 2,000 hp. 6,48 @ 218mph with no wear or damage.
Has external quick disconnects for the Pyro Mate external cooling system with internal mods that flush the converter. Run six second passes and have the transmission Type F fluid smelling like roses and cool down quick in the pits.
E-mail for specs and details - box is in for servicing and can be set up professionally to your car specs.
Call PC on 0418 959 892 or e-mail

Box is SOLD

26-03-16 13:06:12
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

While I accept IHRA is here to stay in Perth, I think it's a bit rich crediting Thunder 400 for the new improved program at the Motorplex. These could have been done before under ANDRA. It was the intense scrutiny from racers regarding the tracks previous adversarial management style that brought change during negotiations. I am a businessman and I know about good governance, but creating a positive environment among all stakeholders is also a big part of growth - and racer teams are a vital stakeholder. It's a pretty good business model to have everybody on side and excited.
Paul Carey 1290

14-12-15 21:31:03
15 x 15 x 5.5
Category: The Garage

Will seperate the tyres - $650.00

06-12-15 23:29:18
15 x 15 x 5.5
Category: The Garage

Weld Alumistar 2.0 Lightweight Double Beadlock rims with Hoosier tyres
15 x 15 x 5.5 with 5.0 backspace. Black centre and black bead locks. Raced one season - gone to 16".
Hoosier 33 x 16 x 15 C07 Compound - 5 runs from new.
$3.000.00 located in Perth. Buyer to organise freight if not in Perth.
Paul 0418 959 892

23-03-15 22:57:56
Category: The Garage

PSI Funny Car Hat in good condition. $900.00
Paul 0418 959 892 - located in Perth.

23-12-14 18:02:22
Drag Car
Category: The Garage

2010 BMW 335i body shell. I purchased this to construct a AA/GAS car but changed my mind. 108.7" wheelbase standard, and a lot of carbon off the shelf parts are available for this model. Very good looking car. $500.00
PC 0418 959 892
Located in PERTH

All parts SOLD

For Sale - (I have upgraded my gearbox)

6 cyl powerglide case (held 1500 horsepower in 2400lb drag car)
SFI Shield, dipstick and non billet servo.
Steel adapter to 1UZFE Bellhousing.

10.5" Converter to suit 5,500rpm stall - by Fremantle Converters
1UZFE Flex plate drilled to suit.

Matched together and ran 7.05 @ 200mph.

05-02-14 15:22:15
Category: The Garage

Hoosier 33 x 15 x 15 slicks - 3 runs from new. $ 450.00 a set.

MT 33 x 15 x 15 slicks - 10 runs from new $450.00 a set

Pick up in Perth, or can bring to the Westernationals.

PC. 0418 959 892

23-01-14 11:51:26
Category: The Garage
Forum: Wanted

D Series wanted for Competition car.
Phone PC on 0418 959 892 or email

I am not sure if ANDRA have tested the Auto Start System to see if it can give a result in all circumstances like the new rule states. There may very well be another incident waiting to happen and a racer will be at a loss.

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