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11-03-11 00:42:05
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I thought someone would have put something on the interwebs by now. ANDRA is showing records as at 11/11/2010. May be they are waiting for the mail. PM has a story linking to pictures of the event with the promise of a full story coming soon. It went up fast, but when is "soon" for such a simple task, it is only a list. No news item on this site, or the other site so I have to guess the piece of paper the records were written on got left in someones pocket after the trophy presentation.

What is wrong with posting a simple list of new records and new record holders, while you are at it, mention the old records and the old record holders.  Nice recognition, nice way to keep the attention of the public and the event gets an acknowledgement of it's National status while reminding people the sport has a very technical and messured nature. Some one may even think, damn, it looks like I missed a good meet, I will defiantely not miss the next one.

In business, there are two ways to promote yourself, sales promotion and marketing. Sale promotion is totally focussed to getting something sold. Everyone you talk to in business is a sales expert, every business has people in it who can focus on flogging stuff and many do it while they burn their decreasing customer base. Marketing is more like a game of chess. Marketing is the subtle stuff that changes the way people feel about a business. Good marketing means the public listen to your advertising, they want to find out how they can be involved with your business because it is important to them.

Sales oriented people over promise and under deliver, it is their nature, say anything to make the client happy and close the deal. Worry about everything else IF the customer complains. Marketing people are more interested in the way people feel about the deal. They want to understand and help to form peoples beliefs. They want you to like the product, to be interested in the product, they add value to the product and make it easier for the sales team to make sales. While sales people have your money and are to busy doing something else to call you on Monday, marketing people know the value of a follow up call and the value of good possitive information about the business being released when it is still time relevent.

But what would I know?

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