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Santo x at least 4
Morgan 2
lamatina x 2
steve reed - Does not have a car anymore.
phil read
diffilipo x 2 xars
any other cars out there.
would be nice to see 10 plus at winters to make qualifying interesting
few old names who might still have things around
cowin - All sold
bob sherry - Way out of date and hangs in someones rafters somewhere.
luke shepard - Never had his own stuff.
aaron lynch - Sold car to Shackleton, now in the hands of the Baily Brothers. 
capitanio - Would be out of date now.
darren mcgrath - Gary had an ex Splat/Kalitta car, this ended up with Bob Shepard later in life.
bailey brothers
any others?

Well said Pete and Michael.

Did anyone notice that there appears to be no Australian Nationals mentioned for the new schedule? Whilst the event somewhat lost its appeal after it left Calder, it is still a prestigious race and one that surely holds great importance to the racer still. To get rid of a traditional event is basically saying that ANDRA don't give two stuffs about the sport. The sport is dead in the arse from a organisational point of view. I feel sorry for the racers who have stepped up with the times and become extremely professional only to have an organisation that is still behind the times and where the race tracks still dictate what happens and what format is run. How is the sport to grow when ego's and idiots are in charge? Those out there that think this sport is doing okay are living in a dreamland and probably have their noses up someones arse.

24-03-14 17:02:02
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

You have to remember Paul, some of the Perth commentators like to exaggerate a bit and forget the facts at times.

Hope you're well mate.


13-11-13 18:24:03
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Jay is currently getting his bike ready to race, and will hopefully be racing at the first round of the championship in Perth.


13-11-13 18:19:17
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Went to Santa Pod a number of times back when I was living in England in the mid 00's. The only bad experience I had there was when it rained. Definitely one of my favourite places to watch drag racing. The vibe there is brilliant, I would definitely suggest going. It isn't far to travel from London either if that is where you're going to be based in your time there.

You'll have a blast.


A very impressive run, and the .43 was impressive too. Some excellent racing this weekend in Tierp.

07-06-13 19:49:09
Category: DNA Newsbits
Forum: NewsBits

4.923 @295.32mph

I hope they run quicker though.

14-05-13 15:10:43
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Enforcer wrote:

No magic from Beard at Pomona, with Torrence out in the 1st round.

Yeah, you're right because Beard wasn't with Torrence in Pomona :p

14-05-13 00:36:05
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

max wrote:

Any news on Mathsons?Was a very scary moment,did he stained any injuries and is bike repairable for Winters.

Chris has a broken ankle. As for the bike according to Larry via Rodger nothing on the bike is straight. Total loss  R.I.P.

11-05-13 19:38:51
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Scott75 wrote:

Torrence already has the Lagana brothers tuning this weekend, with Lee starting at the next race.

Lee was tuning Torrence on Friday. Pretty hard for the Lagana's to be tuning for Torrence when they themselves are racing in Martin Michigan this weekend. default/wink

30-03-13 13:04:21
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Cackling Pipes wrote:

This is not about prize money only, speaking to one Tf team it wasn't even the issue, unlike the performance criteria and oil down policy that was set down.


You'll find that if you speak to the right people, all the other crap about oil down fines etc got taken off the table early in the piece. So if prize money isn't even the issue - why are TF not running the Nitro Champs? None of the other group one classes to my knowledge are kicking up a fuss. And where is ANDRA in all of this? The sport in this country is well and truly becoming a sad joke.



28-03-13 23:06:30
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench


I haven't had one done (I wish) however I have two friends that do excellent renderings, and would be more than happy to get cost and time details for you. Just reply with a message with what you're looking at getting done, and ill pass on the info and get you a quote.



Make that 5 cars. One has pulled out according to my mail.

22-02-13 22:06:47
16 car field ,3 rnd format or 8 car Elim for Western nats
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

max wrote:

.Just a quick note I didn't see one disappoint spectator walk out Perth Top Fuel 3 round format meet.

Ian, most fans don't walk out disappointed after watching fuel cars. It had nothing to do with the 3 round format!!

21-02-13 11:46:32
Category: DNA Newsbits
Forum: NewsBits

Kingnitro wrote:

Did her father sell his Alky FC here in the states?

Hey Joe, Steve sold it to Leif Andreasson (Swedish racer) about a year ago.


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