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16-05-17 09:30:14
Winternationals Pro Entry Count ...... so far!
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I spoke to the Mariani's at the nitros in Sydney, they had no plans to attend the winters at that stage

07-11-16 14:19:19
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

It was an odd decision, maybe if they had scheduled 2 of the group 1 sessions for the evening it may have been a little more attractive to spectators

28-01-16 09:52:15
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Just spoke to foxtel this morning, they were quite helpful and mentioned that there is quite a lot of talk on the forums about getting the coverage back on. Guy i spoke to on the phone lodged a request on my behalf to the programming team to look at putting the shows on. The more people that do this the more chance we have of getting the coverage back on, call 131999, say 'programming' until you get a human and then let them know you want NHRA.

27-01-16 09:41:34
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I'm in the same boat, i've had austar/foxtel for 20 years due to their coverage of NHRA. Given the amount of repeat shows and absolute rubbish they have on, surely they can find the programming time to continue the coverage.

07-07-15 09:28:28
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Phil, John, Angelo and team will be sorely missed by this sport. Drag racing in this country will be poorer for their absence. However i can fully understand the need to prioritise family over sport, especially considering the accident at Willowbank. Thank you LTFR for the entertainment you have provided over the last 10 years, i have enjoyed watching you all and i wish you all the very best in the future. Your commitment to this sport has been unwavering over your careers and i hope that in time we will see you return to the sport in some way, shape or form (i can easily imagine a 2 car LTFR doorslammer team).

On another note - attention Fuchs, how about sending some of that sponsorship money Darren Morgans way?

13-05-15 15:06:33
Topic: Winters
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Can't wait to get there, been counting down the days since last year. After the nitro champ's were cancelled i need a nitro fix bad. Great to see this event being so well supported by the racers, hope to see every one of em go down the track at least once. Anybody know why victor is a no-show?

05-06-14 09:26:13
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Couldn't agree more Kerry, although i want 8pm to hurry up. Thats when myself and 3 mates are leaving Central NSW to drive up there. In the meantime i'll just have to get by with the excellent live coverage on DNA.

17-04-14 10:20:00
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I notice that Darren hasn't nominated for the x champs either. Its hard to believe that anything other than money problems would keep this guy from racing. It pains me that a multiple champion like Darren is unable to find enough sponsorship to compete for a full season. Hope to see him at the winters with a nice new paint scheme covered in corporate names.

09-04-14 15:41:54
Hold of rain technology
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Oh thats some funny sht, i haven't laughed that hard in awhile. I know some farmers who would love to buy a few of these so that they could channel the storms towards their own land, is there any discount for buying in bulk?

Totally agree with the above, the pit experience is an essential part of a day at the drags and one of the few areas of advantage drag racing has over other forms of motorsport. Other than usual gripes about food quality and price i can only think of a couple of things the tracks can do to improve a spectators experience and both of these re aimed at new spectators.
The first thing i think the tracks could consider is to have some basic rules, drag racing terms and jargon explained and explanations of the different categories that are racing in the event included in the program book. eg what is dyo racing, how does it differ to index racing and how do they both differ to the heads up racing that most people are familiar with? How does a holeshot win work? I know the track announcers usually try and throw in an explanation or two during the day but that can be awfully hard to concentrate on and listen to when you have cars racing in front of you and people all around you making noise.
I also believe that watching cars go down the track all day tends to lessen the impact of what the vehicles are actually achieving in terms of et and mph. An exhibition run of a standard HSV or FPV etc. against a streeter, super sedan or even a junior dragster would do an awful lot to put the drag cars achievements into perspective. As drag racing fans/participants we already know how well drag cars perform but to the average newcomer seeing two 9 sec cars race against each other just looks like a close race, give them something that they can relate those 9 sec cars to and it would start to have a greater impact on them. When you watch a game of basketball it just looks like a bunch of guys running around on a court, when one of the players gets interviewed or stands next to an average crowd member you start to understand how f*#king tall they really are. Its all about perspective. I'll never forget the thrashing a junior dragster gave to an HSV over the 1/8th mile a few years ago at Willowbank, i've been a spectator for the past 20 years and those exhibition runs still stand out in my mind. At the end of the day an 8 sec pass at 160mph is just a bunch of numbers to a new spectator if there is nothing they can compare it to.

15-11-13 11:23:31
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

TF - Morgan
TA - Ham
TD - Kapiris
PS - Bektash
TB - Matho
PSB - Allen

Can't wait for the season to begin

05-11-13 11:01:27
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I was waiting for someone to post with comments from the nationals, but I guess if we all wait then nothing will happen. What did everyone think? I travelled down from the central west of NSW for the Saturday and Sunday and for the most part had an outstanding time, the racing and qualifying were great. I was pleased to again be able to smell the burning fuel and tyres which I had been missing since the rain shortened winters.

A few highlights for me, the awesome presentation, variety and racing in the sportsman classes, the great racing in pro stock, the tremendous field of doorslammer and the amazing finish to the championship (couldn't have scripted a more exciting finish),the absolute assault on the senses delivered by top fuel and finally snow cones, what a blessing they were.

I have been a zappia fan for more years than I can remember but I can't help feel for Peter, honestly is there a friendlier guy in all motorsport than this man? Sunday morning myself, a friend and his 6 year old daughter (her first trip to the drags) were wandering the pits at around 10am when we stopped to check out Peter's pit and watch them work on the car. Peter wandered by and my friend asked if he would pose for a picture with his daughter (who by this time was bored, hot and a little unhappy), Peter was more than happy to oblige and spoke to my friends daughter for a few minutes in an effort to get her smiling which he successfully achieved. Photos taken, Peter then invited my friends daughter into his pit while he found her some cool chocolate to eat. Whilst they were on their chocolate search one of Peter's crew pointed out that the photos we had taken featured a garbage bin directly in the background. When Peter ultimately returned with a now very happy young girl he was alerted by his crew member to the fact that he should re-do the photos with the car in the background rather than the garbage bin. He happily posed again for a new set of photos. I ask you, where else would a guy that was 2 hours from a run to decide a national championship happily take 15 mins of this time to make a young girl and her father happy? This guy is a class act and an absolute credit to drag racing, whilst I cheered for Zap all day, I can't help but feel sad for Peter, but I know his day will come, he's too good a guy for it not to happen.

Now a couple of lowishlights, the stinking hot weather (although its still better than rain)which made tuning a nightmare. Hello Sydney Dragway, what happened with the new shade sails that had been installed over the seats? We could all see them, why weren't they deployed? Were they not ready? If they aren't going to be used in 36 degree heat, when are you going to use them?

Not a lowlight but a disappointment on my behalf, not seeing a run of Phil Rilotta's beast, the burnout was freakin' awesome though. The noise it made in the burnout was fantastic, I imagine its similar to the sound of a battleship when it is started up!

Finally a big thank you to all racers in all classes who continue to spend their own time and money to entertain us.

Thanks again for a great read, clutch operation explanation was fantastic. Shame the weekend didn't work out better for you.

Another great read guys. Other than the actual race meetings themselves, your blow by blow race reports are fast becoming my favourite part of drag racing. The insight you provide to us as spectators is informative, entertaining and a great addition to actually watching the cars themselves, it almost makes me feel like i'm in the pits working along with you. I was in the stands for your final qualy pass and was saddened to see you had missed the field. I assure you it wasn't caused by a lack of support from me and my travelling band of spectators. Can't wait for the Nationals, look forward to seeing you there.

20-05-13 09:52:16
Category: DNA Newsbits
Forum: NewsBits


Great idea for a comp, big thank you

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