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15-07-14 16:08:17
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Hi Dave,

I think you would need to send them back to the USA, I have not heard anyone here that rebuilds them.

Send them both however, may as well get them serviced.


12-06-14 17:05:22
Topic: Racpack
How to install a new sensor
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Those that are smarter than me will correct me, but i think  you will need to read the vnet config and save it and it should (IF all connected properly) show up in your config and your live telemetry when you run it the next time.


Yeah i didn't word it very well.

What i meant, is it will be interesting to see if there are big crowds today and tomorrow.

The Sportsman series is giving the racers so many more opportunities to gain points there is no need for them to come to the big events anyway.

Like you said Grant, Tying the events into 2 day shows should be looked at, 3 if you have say over 300 entries. I think what Sydney does is pretty good Sportsman all day Friday, Mostly pro show Saturday and then a mix Sunday.

I like the Nostalgia funny car format more so than the 3 round format this weekend and what Perth use.



Introducing a salary cap will not work.
Just like those in big business, you find a good enough accountant and you can fudge the numbers you spend per season.
Look at the NHRA Now, the main reason the pro stock teams run up the from would be the engine leasing programs they have or in house engine programs. AJ Leases to Jegs, KB leases to Nobile and a Alaund in europe, Elite have a pretty good engine deal to Pro Stock and Sportsman, Grays do their own deal as well (And the old man has a bit of cash).
Sponsors would not possibly be 50% or even less of the total budget (I could be wrong).
The Problem is Sports everywhere and especially all forms of motorsport are suffering dwindling crowd numbers, Familys cannot afford to spend a weekend at the track anymore, they have to pick the day that suits, Kids sporting events, family activities and other things factor into if or what day they can come.

This weekend for me will show if a raceway can host two big crowds two days in a row and then back up 6 weeks later for the winternats.

Advertising to me is the biggest problem, every track advertises but I never see or hear the ads, Some how there needs to be a deal with 7, 9 or 10 (7 or 9 would be the better options with bigger veiwer bases) and get in an ad in a good time slot (During a sporting event, AFL, NRL).
The Gypsy Truck only reaches a small market, TV is where its at really and no better ones than 7 or 9.

Thats my 6.985 seconds worth lol.


27-03-14 11:28:52
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

Spot On Kerry,
I was being more on the conservative side to get a round about figure but your right, going 500 would kill off the class.

26-03-14 19:31:32
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

To have a 500 built by one of the pros in the USA set aside at least $150k.

The Aussie version about half that (Some more,some less).

The 500 Cubers are usually lucky to last an even over there as well (that's if your a front runner pushing it), the Aussie motors i have seen teams go many events with the same motor (maybe hurting the odd valve spring).

14-06-13 15:47:01
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Looks part 79 and part C5

16-05-13 17:17:33
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Dont forget Super Gas

29-03-13 11:00:39
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Oh wow.

I hope they do NOT plan on using Outlaw Nitro Funny cars as a substitute because the crowds will not come.

they want huge flames and noise and low 5s or high 4 second runs so unless they can do a deal with at least 6 nitro funny cars (Late model) or mend this bridge with the Top Fuel group this can have damaging affects to future Nitro Champs.

I just dont see the other group 1 classes (as much as i love them) pulling the crowds needed.

I guess the devil is in the details, what were the tracks demands vs the groups demands and how the whole deal broke down!

I am not totally surprised though our sport is in a power struggle period.


15-03-13 11:07:22
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Good discussion.

What i would like to see is something willowbank used last year at the winters where they allocated 2 different coloured wrist bands for the track observers but i think the tracks can go further.

The Problem like Doug said is people trying to check the track before they run (yes once you have the setup in the car your pretty much ready to go but for example a pro car, the condition of the start line dictates what startline RPM is used).

What i would like to see is what they do in the NHRA and before each group 1 session the crew are allowed on the track for 5-10 minutes to check it walk it and so on, and we could go one further as i would love to see a track walk 1 hour before the first session as well.

I know with the car i crew on the driver only wants our crew chief in front of the car as he rolls to the burnout area and then he steps out of the way before the burnout begins so no one is in front of the car. Its a distraction for the driver and a risk to those around it.

WSID have a pretty good system and so does perth and they are sure to make sure only the crew for the car running are standing there and yes i have been screamed at at WSID but its all in the name of saftey.

If we got those opportunities before each session then i think that would clear up some of the hazzards and being strict on crew numbers and making an example of some teams it would stop the start line clutter pretty quick.

We have some teams in sydney that some how manage to have up to 20 people on the start line (and no thats not nitro teams) so its pretty crazy.

Another car entering the 10.5 scene?

lol nice one boys, its a rear trick bit of gear.

19-02-13 15:14:27
16 car field ,3 rnd format or 8 car Elim for Western nats
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

For 5 cars then yeah maybe it will work.

But for 19-25 cars it will not work from a racers point of view, yes the crowd gets to see the whole lot twice but what if you win on a holeshot but out of the 10 races in the first round your the 9th quickest winner, you do not progress.

Its possibly a fast way of putting the racers offside.

Slamfest works with that format because its 8 or 9 cars and its more a show for the TD teams to hit the regional tracks.

TD tried it years ago and it didnt work and they went back to elimination format.

I am not saying try new things but this format needs to be left alone for the most part.

The Easter Event for TA will be the best indication if the racers will like it or not.


14-02-13 14:38:36
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Yeah Grant, Great photos default/wink

Holeshot i am not sure on the rules and your possibly right but it does illustrate in the other threat about the rules and classes where you cannot run a setup like that on a late model car that is fairly factory stock.

What if i wanted to run a VF commodore or BG Falcon fairly stock in superstock i couldnt could i? (I would need to run a carby or some older type technology).


10-02-13 09:41:25
Should it be changed to suit Sponsors, Major TV etc
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Also if your thinking thats way more than we have now, but ANDRA can pick and chose what support classes to run at major events so its not always the same.

10-02-13 09:39:17
Should it be changed to suit Sponsors, Major TV etc
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

The Problem is the rules process and the how every member is a stakeholder.

You take a look at other sporting codes where they have hundreds of thousands of members, huge junoir bases and tens of thousands of players, the governing body makes, creates or changes the rules to try and help improve the game (In most cases without the involvment of clubs, players and coaches).

why must we be different.

We are trying to get back to where we had over a million spectators attending (Hard without Melbourne but we are runnning more pro series events in Western Australia) then a red pen needs to go into action but first something needs to chance so this is not done at the risk or racers or "stake holders" making threats or legal action.

I dont actually agree with the two Nitro 4 wheel classes combining but what if they run them 6-8 times a year and they both run sperate classes at the same event, this way if there is 5 of each car then you still have 10 at an event and the crowd can still go home satisfied.

Top Doorslammer would have Nitrous and Turbo combos introduced.

I hear all the time there is a handful of racers that dont want this to happen but these cars have the goods to run 5.7s so allowing turbo cars in will make the class more popular (Everyone says how much they enjoyed the Campo Vs Dack run).

Everyone craps on about parity but you can easily slow down the Turbo cars if they get too quick (Remember the quickest turbo car here is 100 cubes too big, the turbos are 92mm i think (They run 88s in Pro Mod) so we are a long way off those fast times we see in the USA (Even with the rumored arrival of one of the quickest Turbo cars).

Mixing Pro Stock with Pro FX is not ideal even though they look similar but trying to slow someone like signerelli (Spelling) who has run 6.2s will need extreme restricting and that would hurt the FX cars too much as they just want to go fast and be the quickest 4, rotary or 6.

Pro FX is starting to head in the right direction i think as they just need stability and it will continue to grow.

Pro Stock is an animal and even though some find it boring some of the cars carry the biggest sponsors in the sport and the racing is close and there is rivalries that need to be pushed (this makes for great TV).

Group 2 is another mess.

We are in the world of EFI but where are the classes.

We can impliment a tonne of NHRA or IHRA classes to cater for these cars plus it opens doors for more importing of US cars into Australia.

I think though changes to be made so AP and B and A gas moved to comp and then super stock is back to more stock looking cars running from 8 seconds to mid to high 10s  and Comp is for the fast highly engineered sedans, altereds and dragsters (with the odd funny car).

while at it why couldnt we look at the Stock class they run in the NHRA so we can then possibly entice the factory standard cars to run in the class (We do need to get all the car complines involved some how).

LEts have a go at Group 3 while im am here.

Supercharged outlaws would go and i would bring in Top Dragster and Top Sportsman for those fast cars.

Top Dragster, would be dragsters, altered and funny cars open to all engine types, 8 seconds or faster

Top Sportsman Open to cars with 2 opening doors, self starting and quicker than 8 seconds.

We can still have modified, Super sedan and Super Street needs to be thought about.

Group 4 leave Super Gas and add Super Comp and both at 9.90 and 8.90 respectivly.

Anyway thats my if i was CEO for a day thought ha ha


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