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Hi guys,

I am looking at maybe getting a car to start racing in Super Street.

It would be my 1st drag car so im just after some info on costs for racing super street with maintenance etc?

Any info/help would be much appreciated.


15-06-16 18:56:57
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I think his quickest ET is 5.50

16-05-16 15:59:34
Topic: entries
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

I heard Kapiris wasn't doing the rest of the season which was nitro champs and winters.

Saintys haven't been up for winters for a few years now but would be good to see them back at willowbank.

Stamatis is preparing for next season they said at nitro champs so don't think he will be there.

Mariani I thought would have entered hopefully will be a late entry

Zap you would think would be the same with late entry.

07-02-16 15:18:45
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Not a fan of the streaming. The time difference wont work for us in Australia. It will be on around 2-3am here. Yes you could get up and watch it but 1 I start work between 2 and 5am so no I wont be getting it plus my internet is slow. And im sure a lot of others will be getting up for work when it is on also which is why foxtel was handy so can record it and watch it when you can.

I had foxtel for nhra, nrl and epl. 2 of them are now gone and the nrl I can live with just watching the broncos on Friday nights on 9 so I will be cancelling foxtel.

This will also affect the 400 Thunder guys with airing on fox sports as a lot of ppl are going to cancel foxtel which I feel for those guys but a lot of ppl just cant understand why its so hard for fox sports usa and fox sports Australia to work something out?

26-01-16 12:55:35
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

With nhra going to fox sports this year those of us who have foxtel it wont be shown on fox sports or espn in Australia.

The response I got was we will talk to our programming department.

Well nhra was 1 of the reasons I got foxtel so im sure like others will be thinking about getting rid of it and just save my money.

13-01-16 21:41:10
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Im after Victor Bray merchandise

Anything from posters to framed pictures etc

I have all the models so not after them

Not after t-shirts.

Sorry if in wrong section.

21-11-15 18:16:46
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I think andra have the rights to the names of top doorslammer etc so with ihra they had to change the names of some of the classes. Agree they could have been better though.

I find it funny how everyone was against andra and wanted everything to change and the tracks have done this and now everyone is against ihra move and wants andra back. Im only a spectator so it doesn't affect me like it does racers but from what I see the tracks have done more in like 6 months then andra did in years!

07-07-15 14:30:31
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Well said and it is sad to see them leave. I thought was little odd they were going to leave the sport either way but purchased brand new car. I mean who buys brand new top fueller to retire after next meet. But I totally understand the family side of it and after 2 accidents like that who would want to risk a 3rd time?

I am worried with the future of top fuel now? We will only have the 2 Santo's car's doing all rounds and maybe Sheehan. Cant see anybody else doing all rounds. Perth rounds may only get 4 cars and most events will be lucky to get close to 8 unless Santo brings out 3+ cars.  Would love to see Fuchs stick round and sponsor another team like Phil Read. Does Morgan want to race top fuel still or is he happy doing the aeroflow funny car deal?

But thanks for the memories LTFR use will be missed. Will never get the chance to get my picture signed now of Phil before I get it framed default/sad

13-06-15 08:43:36
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Thanks for the reply. I knew some ruling changed on that but wasn't to sure what. Tough luck to the Ellis team enjoyed watching that bike all weekend.

11-06-15 14:53:04
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Can anyone confirm if Kerry Ellis was disqualified in like round 3 of mod bike at winters? He was on a solo and had staged but left before tree was activated and I never saw him again or did he just brake something?

Reason I ask is because if he was disqualified then how did a certain racer get given 20 points to win championship (i will never call him champion that season) and did andra not say every race there is a winner or something along those lines? Now if he didn't go into full stage i would understand but since he did i am just unsure why he was disqualified?

Also just wanted to mention what a return by benny bray a true legend like his father!

07-06-15 06:02:20
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

Was thinking the same? Then I was wondering if the chassis was built by same people that built Dixon's car when he had his crash start of year? I'm not sure if it is but if so then they have some real problems.

Glad Phil is ok. I feel for his brother who told him to just go after the lights malfunctioned while Santo boys told Newby to shut off. Probably a good thing newby shut off, and I guess if Phil shut off it would have just happened on next pass.

I think they will be back they have put a lot into the sport but if he did decide to walk away I would not blame him.

Also hope Phillips is back soon and his wife (Debbie) gets better soon.

27-05-15 15:48:42
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

TF: Wayne Newby
TA: Gary Phillips
TD: Maurice Fabietti
PS: Emilio Spinozzi
PB: Luke Crowley
TB: Mark Drew

Comp: Craig Geddes
Super Stock: Tom Dimitropoulos
Comp Bike: Bob Shaw
Super Compact: Scott Porter

Outlaws: Chris Van'thof
Top Sportsman: Steve Fowler
Super Sedan: John Kapiris
Modified: Rob Harrington
Mod Bike: Warren Williamson
Junior Dragster: Dylan Everett
Super Street: Allan Hutchen

Super Gas: Matt Forbes

If anyone can pick all the winners I think they deserve there own gold Xmas tree lol.

22-05-15 10:37:16
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Top Fuel: 4.97
Top Doorslammer: 5.94
Top Alcohol: 5.69
Pro Stock: 7.09
Pro Bike: 7.86

Go Team Bray!!!

08-05-15 16:14:48
Topic: Winters
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

477 currently entered but 1 big name not there Victor Bray. Have been sulking all arvy about it. Benny has entered which is great to see but nothing beats Victor behind the wheel of his 57 chevy......

No Phil Read in Top Fuel? They usually always race winters

Also no Bektash in pro stock yet? Any news if it will be a 1 round championship or is it just exhibition?

03-04-15 02:05:11
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I didn't see the point in this whole short season. Now with rounds cancelled in almost each group 1 class it looks even worse! Look at the fields this season so far top doorslammer lower then average, top fuel well could say on par but without santos and lamattinas top fuel is dead (should have brought funny cars into class when had the chance), top alcohol below bar was only 6 entered for this weekend before got cancelled, pro stock only 3 for there 1st round so they got cancelled, pro bike probably on par but never get full fields anyway and top bike I would say has had few more entries this season but they have only raced in perth so will see when they race at Sydney and willowbank???

But until everyone starts working together and the calendar stays the same for each season with the same events so people will remember when its on etc nothing will change. There is more problems yes but these 2 for me are a starting point.

Just my opinion.

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