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05-07-18 00:00:52
for sale
Category: The Garage

Price reduced.

11-06-18 13:54:25
for sale
Category: The Garage

Very reluctant sale but no point having this going to waste taking up space in the shed when it looks unlikely JD's will be back on the track in WA before Alanah ages out.

One owner super trick 2013 Motivational Tubing Pinnacle 330, immaculately maintained and meticulously upgraded since new. This car has the absolute best parts available, no expense spared. Full Blackout Package, tinted full wrap around screen and semi-laydown seat for better visibility, purple lightning wrap by Illusion. Current 2017 WA Track Champion car and top in points in 2017/2018 season, 2017 Western Nationals Gold tree winner, Runner up Desert Nationals 2016 etc. This is a very competitive car with many final round appearances that can run at the front of any field, at any track, in any weather, already sorted and well proven. Car will run 7.9x-8.0x @ 83+MPH all day at 500+lb, ran 8.001@83 at Winters Warmup at 535lb. Has quick change ballast tank, rear ballast tank, plus fixed ballast seat tank, M/T's trick Drive Train Mounting System for easy clutch CTC & final drive tension adjustment, flex rear clip and adjustable 3-bar front end for consistent hook. Exc condition 10" Hoosiers on 9" wide bead lock wheels, custom moly 4140 rear axle to eliminate flex, super trick Gates/RCD belt drive, stiletto steering, 0/1/2" offset quick change front spindles, light guard. STM Clutch set up for Gates 1-1/8" wide clutch belts, very stout 3.5" (472cc) Craws ZR4, customised PCV evac breather system, always run on Lucas JD Oil. Only 26 passes (plus whatever runs we do at the Winters Warmup and WinterNationals) on motor since last rebuild by Eddie Wroe with new piston, rod, valves etc. Ceramic coated Butler pipe with muffler, 42mm Mikuni with custom internal mods setup with Max Jets, super bowl, air screw and external Dial-a-Jet. MyChron 4 with dongle, add-on integrated MyChron LCU-One Lambda O2 sensor setup making jetting for conditions trivial, Makita quick change LiPo battery setup, MSD 4217 fully programmable ignition with hall pickup, two-step and line-lock on button with solid state relay plus timed ignition retard to help get down slippery tracks. Very good condition 2013 dated seat belts and leg net. Current ANDRA tech and log book.

Car is 100% legal for IHRA and ANDRA competition and came runner-up at 2018 WinterNationals.

Can deliver to JD Nats in Mildura or on to Adelaide from there.

Price reduced to $16,000 for car only or $18,000 for car and several thousand worth of extras including Starter (light weight lithium battery), folding warmup stand, clutch weight kit and tools, helixes, new springs, spare clutch belt, various spare final drive pulleys and belts, barely used 415 chain and sprockets, heap of jets and other carb parts, restrictor plates to run B/JD, spare lithium battery and quick charger, Lucas JD Oil, spare MSD 4217 and Hall pickup etc etc.

Plenty of pics & videos of car on https://www.facebook.com/TeamCopeRacing/

Also have a compact enclosed trailer with led lighting and winch with current WA rego, small quad bike and tow dolly available for extra, will not sell until car is gone.

Contact via FB or *414 859956

15-04-16 22:51:58
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

NPCRacing that directly contradicts what we were told by ihra reps in WA. 

15-04-16 22:48:26
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

495 you are way off base with those comments and are deliberately misrepresenting what I posted.

25-03-16 20:27:06
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

michaelv8 wrote:

So Simon you are saying that the Group 1 racers, I assume you just don't mean the Top Fuel guys but ALL group1, should have "forced" Andra and  the tracks to sort the situation because only group 1 have any real power?

What I'm saying is the G1 racers were the only ones asked by 400T to participate and got a vote on it.  It doesn't matter what sportsman does, they aren't at the table with a say in what's going on.  You will never get enough sportsman racers to agree on a path forward which is why ANDRA can do no right (damned if they do and damned if they don't).  However If G1 had just said "No 400T we're not playing your game you go sort it out with ANDRA because having 2 half-baked series is stupid and won't work" then we wouldn't be in the current situation.

The 400T concept is actually OK, the tracks should have a say in the national series calendar and promotion and the tracks and racers should participate financially in the upside.  But that's not what we've got now by a long shot.

25-03-16 19:08:30
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

495 wrote:

for what its worth, I have an opinion..........all entry fees should be the same across the board at the very least to be fair.
all our entries get processed the same, we all enter thru the same gate, we all race down the same race track, and we all use the same shitters don't we ? so why discriminate and charge any group more than other groups ?

I'd quite happily pay the same entry fee as Top Fuel if we got the same prize money, promotion and all the other perks...

PS:  Think about it this way.  Group One get the most exposure, highest priority if the schedule gets changed, the most prize money, the best located and largest pit spaces, the most crew passes, take the most amount of time per pair down the track, are most often the ones involved in crashes and oil downs (costing time and money to clean up), require the highest level of track prep, and take up the most amount of time and resources on the admin side (more complex rules to maintain and administer, stricter safety standards to be enforced etc etc).

24-03-16 16:16:21
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

deleted double post

24-03-16 16:16:19
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Glassby Motorsport wrote:

Hi Simon
Now it's unfair but when ANDRA put up group one lic and discounted Jd and group 3 nobody thought that was unfair .
That's some of the problem we all think our own class is the only thing that matters ,dragracing will never move forward until we are all moving in the same direction but egos will stop this from happening .

Craig JD was discounted because Summit is footing the bill for it, not because you were paying high license fees.  Plenty of people thought the GOL and UDL prices were unfair and still do.  I don't particularly think they needed to discount the license fees, many racers would prefer to see some actual prize money or something instead.

It's pretty clear you are happy with the new regime and that's fine, you are having fun and kicking some goals and that's great.

TBH though from where most people are sitting it seems very much like the G1 guys are the ones looking out for themselves in all this.  The G1 racers should have gotten the various associations together and forced the tracks and ANDRA into a room to sort it out and refused to race until that happened, because G1 are the only ones with any real power to be able to force a resolution - yet inexplicably refuse to use it.  I am dumbfounded that anyone could claim that the current situation is a real improvement and just what the sport needed.

24-03-16 15:47:11
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

sco1035 wrote:

You say the JD fees have doubled. What are they paying now?

ANDRA is $70 license $44 log book and $110 for one parent to be a full member.  So $202/year (2 year tech).  It used to be about ~$250 but Summit is sponsoring the fee reduction for juniors.

IHRA is hard to figure out exactly because there are different numbers given in the track press releases, on the application forms, on the 400 thunder website, and on the IHRA Australia website.  Taking the best figures it'll be something like US$75 license, AU$25 log book, US$75 for technical inspection fee and US$55? for parent membership, so that's $327/year (2 year tech, assuming .65 exchange rate).  Worst case it's nearly $400 a year though, depending on which numbers are correct which nobody seems to know.

Ok it's only a few hundred bucks but A) they mislead people about the costs and B) it does cost more to support G1 than G3 so there should be a sliding scale that takes into account the cost base of the services provided.

24-03-16 12:23:47
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Hi Craig,

Firstly let me say I'm not really fussed either way with ANDRA/IHRA/400T etc.  All camps have major issues they need to sort out before the sport will take off.

FWIW I am truly glad you fees have dropped as the ANDRA GOL and UDL fees are very expensive.

However you seem unaware that the costs for some G3 racers have gone up.  The hardest hit is JD who will pay 2x the $ under IHRA, despite 400T and the tracks claiming publicly how everyone will be better off under IHRA.  Do you think it's fair that JD competitors should be subsidising your license fees and the tracks sanction fees?  Because that's the reality now

As for the tracks recent promotional activities, yes it is good they are trying stuff but honestly that has nothing to do with ANDRA vs IHRA.  The JD Association tried the bouncy castle etc in Perth over the last few years, the track showed no real interest  and actively pushed back on it in many instances claiming it was an insurance issue or there wasn't room in the pits etc. 

IMO Australia isn't big enough for 2 "national" series, irrespective of who sanctions what.  Until that is sorted out the sport is going nowhere and there will be no big sponsors lining up.  The clock is ticking on the 400T business plan which seems to hinge entirely on landing big sponsors to cover the costs.  They can't even get the 400T Sportsman point score right 5 months after the first round (I have been pestering them for months about it and can't even get an email reply).  So they are obviously way under staffed to run it properly.  Faffing around with stuff like license fees is just a distraction that's diverting attention from the real problems.

23-03-16 01:14:14
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

michaelv8 wrote:

it is the tracks the run the events, not IHRA not Andra.

Exactly.  So what's really going to change with the same people running the events? 

09-06-13 13:37:40
Category: The Garage

This car will fit an older kid, it was previously raced in the 8.50 bracket.  We have a brand new USA car on the way soon and I need this one out of the shed so price reduced to $8,000. 


01-05-13 01:30:39
Category: The Garage

For sale C/JD complete as raced this season, driver moving up to B/JD.  Only the best on this car:

Junior Specialties small-bore Terminator motor
sleeved 33 Mikuni
Butler Built muffler
STM clutch
dual crank and jackshaft supports
Mychron 4 660 logger
adjustable billet Mike Bos pedals

Runs consistent 12.20's at 350lb, easy 11's with no ballast. Well maintained with current tech. Also includes:

some spares
safety gear (suit, helmet, gloves, arm restraints, neck brace)
extra ballast
mini starter
folding car lift
tow dolly
5 gallon fuel jug
150 passes of data on this combo

$8,000 - You won't get a more consistent, reliable, safe or competitive C/JD at this price.

Or $7,000 as above except minus clutch (primary & driven) and logger.

Contact Simon 0414 859956.


03-08-12 19:59:23
Junior Dragster Entry Levels @ Willowbank
Category: Junior Drag Racing
Forum: Up'n comers

Mike Lanigan wrote:

even when I pointed out that with my idea, the kids would get twice the number of races per year at one third the cost of the normal national event entry fee

Hi Mike,

as others have pointed out you are wrong.  This season there are 6 Fast Friday events, JD's are running at 9 National Opens.  Fast Friday entry is $55 for Juniors, but only covers the driver so 3x Crew is another $63 making it $118 entry.  National Open entry for Juniors is $110 which includes driver plus 3 crew.

Last season we ran all 6 fast fridays, 8 national opens, and 3 test and tunes, which logistically is pretty hard between work & kids.  Alanah (9yo) came 3rd in both the fast fridays and Rookies series.  We ran a total of 81 passes for the season even making 4 finals rounds so IMO there is nowhere near enough racing as it is - we have friends in the USA who run 450-500 passes a season.  What WA needs is more racing ie Collie up and running (didn't they get their grant?) and an 1/8 mile series at Barbagello for a start.

At the motorplex pit space is no longer an issue with the expansion and there were many large gaps and deliberate slowdowns in the program for the last 2 seasons so I don't think there are really too many entries yet, and they can always go back to the 2 day National Open format before they consider dropping any brackets.  The JD's are mostly done by 6pm anyway so it's not like they really impact the program.



danrace wrote:

I understand there standard or just above street cars but you dont line up on the street and go flat out for quarter mile (thats illegal)


Most of these cars are engineered as global platforms able to be sold in countries where it is entirely legal to go flat out for hundreds of miles - in traffic.  And that includes the GM Zeta platform (VE Commodore).

Manufacturers globally spend many billions a year on safety R&D, one of the hidden safety features is how the passenger cell (including firewall) deforms in a heavy impact to protect the occupants, just one feature of many that can be significantly impaired by a rollcage.  Modern engineering and materials makes these cars safer off the showroom floor than a typical 30+yo car with a cage in it.  Suggesting some guy with a MIG can knock up a rollcage to some universal ANDRA specs that will magically make these cards safer at these speeds is unsupportable, and the cost to actually engineer one properly (including FEA analysis and crash testing) to actually augment the cars safety rather than compromising it would be astronomical.  The last thing we need is a news headline about how someone got killed in their performance import because ANDRA's antiquated rules made them put a rollcage in it and that compromised it to the point of being lethal.

Also the insurance underwriters would have looked at this very closely and come to the same conclusion, and they know more about risk than anyone.



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