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testandtune 16

Perth Motorplex has kicked off its new season with a two day test and tune, with a few new rides alongside familiar faces for the 2017/18 series.

So let's run through some of the cool news...

testandtune 37

Nigel Johnson made his first runs in his new Top Alcohol dragster. A DMPE engine combo pushed this rail to a 5.65/247mph best - not bad for a debut! 

Making a comeback in Top Alcohol dragster also was Shane Weston. This was his first time back on track since a devastating braking area accident for the team. The new US car hit a 5.72 best.

The nitro bikes of Jay Upton and Ben Stevens provided plenty of entertainment. Upton's best of 6.44 took out the finish line timing beams so wasn't legitimate as such, but the half track time of 4.12 was on point. Stevens carded a strong 6.85 to set his nitro Harley up for a strong season ahead.

testandtune 4

Daniel Gregorini was experimenting with an auto transmission. He was the quickest of the many doorslammers on the property with a 6.24, not exactly representative but we'll no doubt see improvements from the Scratch and Match team as they get on top of the combo.

testandtune 6

There were many radial cars at the Motorplex preparing for next weekend's Radial Shooutout as part of Boost Night, many of them from the Streetbuilt stable.

testandtune 43

Nicholas Wroe is feeling the wind in his air at the seat of this bright new altered. The Super Street field will be breathing sighs of relief at one less Wroe to deal with!

testandtune 8

After breaking a crank in Alice Springs, Zoe Nieuwhof had a fresh motor in place and recorded her quickest pass at Perth Motorplex with a 9.45. Look out for some quicker runs later in the season with a bigger engine.

testandtune 48

Wayne and Lisa Keys continued their thank you campaign for crew members, this time with Troy Lane in the seat. This season they are using Al McClure's dragster. Al gave the car a shakedown before throwing the keys (pardon the pun) to Lane who ran a 7.04 best and broke the 200mph barrier.

Thanks to Jay Treasure for the photos, check out more below!