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The Wimmera Off Street Drag Racing & Burnout Club hosted the first drag racing event at Warracknabeal in six years.

Not everyone has access to modern drag racing facilities but the sport in its purest grass roots form finds a way on closed roads and airstrips to keep going, and the the Wimmera 1/8th mile drag championships on the 7th October was hailed a success. 

With over 50 entries from across the state it was all happening in Warracknabeal and the participation of the Police volunteer run 'Beat The Heat' really added to the success.  The program aims to build a relationship between the Police and young drivers interested in motorsport and according to the club hosting the event really put on a show along with all the other competitors. 

The Wimmera Off Street Drag Racing & Burnout Club went on to say judging by the feedback from racers and the public, that drag racing will definitely continue in the future."It was good to see the event went off well after not running events for six years due to key members leaving the club but we are back," said Club President Lauren Schilling. 

For the record the event winners were:

A Class winner - David Todd with runner-up Allen Harris Eggy

B Class winner - Darryl Chamberlain (BTH) with runner-up Aaron Szejnoga

C Class winner - Nathan Makovec with runner-up Trevor Holland

Bikes Class winner - Tim McNally Bike with runner-up Paul Newcomb

You can follow the Wimmera Off Street Drag Racing & Burnout Club and Beat The Heat Victoria on Facebook for future events.

- Photos by Burnouts Unlimited and Dani Braun