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outlawradialshootout 17

Perth Motorplex hosted a new style of event on Saturday, October 21 with the running of the Outlaw Radial Shootout as part of a Boost Night street meet.

Run over the quarter mile, the event saw a positive turn out with 14 entries, boding well for the future of radial racing in the west and hopefully a good start for growth.

outlawradialshootout 45

Josh Oosterwaal led the field with the family's turbo LS Chev Camaro carding an 8.33/263kmh. This car is a regular at Perth Motorplex street meets and it has even competed in Hot Rod Drag Week in the USA.

outlawradialshootout 7

Jeff Johnson qualified second in the Streetbuilt Racing Ford ute, the twin turbocharged small block Ford just behind Oosterwaal with an 8.40/265kmh.

outlawradialshootout 3

Sometimes burnout competitor and sometimes drag racer Dean Irvine scored the win with a bunch of eight second runs from his turbocharged Holden Commodore ute. Irvine qualified third with an 8.70 before defeating Oosterwall in the first round of the Chicago shootout 8.68 to 8.86, Lorenzo Gullotto in round two 8.29 to 8.38 and Stephen Molson in the third with an 8.33 to a 9.51. The final came down to Irvine and Johnson, with an 8.35 taking the win light as Johnson overpowered the track.

outlawradialshootout 13

Josh Lopreiato qualified fifth with an 8.76 but he recorded the quickest run of racing with an 8.251 blast from FEDPSI, cementing its position as one of Perth's quickest street cars. One of the cool things about the event was how close the current crop of radial cars in the west are. If you had have qualified the field based on times for racing, you would have seen Eddie Tassone's 8.258 second, followed by Dean Irvine's 8.297, Josh Oosterwaal's 8.299 and Jeff Johnson's 8.348 all in very close succession.

Chec out the full gallery below, with photos thanks to John Harney. To purchase photos or prints, head on over to and click on contact.