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The Hidden Valley Track Championship Series has reached its penultimate round, here are the results and gallery thanks to Craig Radcliffe Photography.

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CRP 1139

A red light by 4 thou to Ashley Smith's Camaro gave Dwight Breffies the win in Top Eliminator.

CRP 1220

Bright Breed took the win light in Super Modified with a 9.12 on 8.75 in the final against Alan Applebee.

CRP 0999

The Modifed Bike final was also decided at the tree with Adam Rapp going red handing the win to Allan Henry.

CRP 0977

Amber Aylot took a holeshot win in the Super Street final over Theo Karamanidis who was almost bang on his dial in.

CRP 1197

The big 300C of Grant Radcliffe chalked up another win in Street Car, this time over Damien Jones in the final.

CRP 1389

Mark Tattingham let the clutch out 7 thou too early in the Street Bike final giving Andrew Reid the win at the tree.

CRP 1215

A all girl Junior Dragster final saw Danielle Abel grab the trophy against Scarlett Sherwood on a holeshot.

The final round of the Hidden Valley Track Championship is on Oct 28 at the NT Titles at Alice Springs.