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17-01-19 07:27:52
Category: The Garage

If you're still interested, please give me a call.


10-01-19 09:05:22
Category: The Garage

Hi John,

I'll be back from holidays next week and I'll see if I still have it.


06-10-18 09:37:17
Category: The Garage

Crank - suit SBC

Bryant - Part No  35-370
Stroke  3.625
Pins Honda
Pin width 1.902  Suit Aluminium rods
Mains   350

The crank is in very good condition.

I did break a rod a while ago and there are a couple of minor marks on one of the counterweights.
I've used the crank (after the blow up) several times and had no problems at all.
I've had the crank checked for cracks, straightness, pin indexing, alignment, and balance.... It's perfect.

If you were really fussy, you may want to give it a polish.

I've only changed the crank so that I try a different combination.

Asking $650.00 - no offers

Ph. 0418  228 - 438

11-07-17 21:09:33
Maxjets for sale
Category: The Garage

G'day all,

I have some (Comp Cams) Maxjets for sale. I bought these a few years ago. They have been sitting on my
jet board and never got used. A couple of them are a little oxidised, but most of them still look like new.

I'm asking $3.50 each, plus the cost of the postage. If you have a look around, you already know that
these are cheap.

I don't really want to sell (just a couple) at a time, as I don't have the time to keep running down to the
Post Office..... If you want 20-30, that's fine and I'm not going to reduce the price if you decide
to buy the whole lot.

I'm in Sydney if you want to pick them up.

Ph. 0418  228 - 438

#  80  x 1 of
#  86  x 7 of
#  99  x 4 of
# 100  x 4 of
# 101  x 4 of
# 102  x 4 of
# 103  x 4 of
# 104  x 4 of
# 105  x 4 of
# 106  x 4 of
# 107  x 4 of
# 108  x 4 of
# 109  x 4 of
# 110  x 4 of
# 111  x 4 of
# 112  x 4 of
# 113  x 4 of
# 114  x 4 of
# 115  x 4 of
# 116  x 4 of
# 117  x 4 of
# 118  x 4 of
# 119  x 4 of
# 120  x 4 of
# 121  x 4 of
# 122  x 4 of
# 123  x 4 of
# 124  x 4 of
# 125  x 4 of

24-04-16 08:03:11
Oil tank for sale
Category: The Garage

Matt Ramsay wrote:

Hi Michael,

Do you still have the tank for sale?


Yes, It's still for sale


29-02-16 22:15:11
Oil tank for sale
Category: The Garage

Hi Matt,

Here's the link to the Peterson tank details;


If you need any more info, just let me know.

And say g'day to the old man for me.


26-02-16 20:43:50
Oil tank for sale
Category: The Garage

G'day all,

I've got a Peterson dry sump tank for sale.

As new - no dent or scratches.
-16 into the tank and -12 out

Ph: 0418 228 - 438
Michael  (Sydney)

PLEASE don't send text messages, it's almost impossible to reply, due to the type of work I do.




21-11-15 19:14:14
Category: The Garage

Sorry mate .... sold that quite a while ago.


11-11-15 22:15:09
Category: The Garage

This awning was custom made and is in VERY good condition.

The length is around 10 metres and the width is 4 metres.

There are 3 sides that clip on and the whole area can be closed in.

All you need to mount this is a "rope rail", which is a standard Aluminium profile and some anchor
brackets fixed to the side of your trailer.

I've spoken to a tarp maker and it's not a big deal to alter the overall length of the awning so suit
what ever length you need.

The package includes;

Awning struts, outer frame

work & legs.
Roof and side panels.

If you have any questions, give me a call:  Michael  0418 228-438

Price: $350.00 ONO

This will be too heavy to freight, so it will need to be picked up in Sydney (South West)

05-09-14 18:23:28
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

G'day Dave,

I honestly don't believe that Allen is trying to give you a bum steer, but you can get your shocks repaired and you can buy spare
parts for the Koni's
Don Ness sold all his Koni shock absorber stuff to;
Fast Shocks
Randy Mans
612 306 - 5387

Really nice guy and very helpful.


02-03-14 18:55:29
Category: The Garage

Hi all,

I have a Peterson dry sump tank for sale, in excellent condition.

The all fittings are -12 AN

$320 + freight

Ph: 0418  228-438 (Sydney)

No text messages, please.

02-03-14 18:43:23
Category: The Garage

Revised price: $1400.00

If anyone is interested ?


15-01-14 22:03:44
Category: The Garage


I have a Porta Tree - Eliminator Super 2000 Practice Tree

This brand new and comes with a 240 volt power supply

Asking $240.00 + freight

Michael  (Sydney)
Ph: 0418  228-438

15-01-14 21:54:45
Category: The Garage

Sold - thank you

15-01-14 21:53:49
Category: The Garage

All sold, thank you

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