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09-01-17 10:34:59
Indiegogo Film Campaign raising funds for documentary of Speed Week'17
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

A bit more info about the Dry Lake Racers Australia Speedweek  at Lake Gairdner South Australia ...... 27th Feb - 3rd March


25-09-15 11:40:55
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

After all of the disruption, claim and counter claim between the two groups we end up with this patchwork disjointed Calendar ....
"It’s an exhilarating time for Australia’s pro categories, and today’s confirmation of the 2015/16 calendar marks the beginning of what will be the biggest, and best season for the sport,”
........ give me a break ......

01-07-15 08:29:50
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

This looks like a battle of vested interests rather than what is really needed to organise Professional Level Drag Racing as a legitimate Mainstream Motorsport .... Without events in Vic, SA and NT then this is hardly a "National" Championship .... Three entities with their own Business Agendas are stake holders no more and no less in Profession Level Drag Racing ... ANDRA itself is now a vested interest and probably needs to be the Rule Maker in this ...  I say Professional Level because that is what will fill the Grandstands ...  Having an Organisation for the sole purpose of running a real Professional Level National Championship is what is needed ....  the Stakeholders must be included but cannot be the final decision makers ...... finding the right People to do this is the challenge ....   


michaelv8 wrote:

I have suggested that very same format on several occasions on here before, it seems fairly simply, as you say one National Championship event in each state and the same time each year, racers would be able plan the racing year around the events they wanted to attend and spectators could plan their holidays interstate around a certain event. It is a stable calendar and therefore easier to attract series and event sponsors which will in turn lead to TV coverage. Can only be good for the sport.

Michael I was pretty sure I was not the only one stating the obvious.
There seems to some confusion about this Calender thing.
I believe the Management of ANDRA and the Tracks need to see the ANDRA Pro Championship as one entity first.
Like it or not the Full Group One Show is what will attract the Big Sponsors and larger crowds.
It's a Full Season of the Full Show that must be sold to Sponsors to have a chance to compete for what little Money is out there.
Separating Brackets in my opinion, works against the Sport.
The other Big Crowd Sports as in the AFL, NRL, A League, V8 Supercars, Nascar, F1 all promote their unique Championship Package. ANDRA need to do the same.

As a Spectator, a Professional Drag Racing Championship to me is about going to an Event like the Winternationals .... surely ANDRA can sell a Six Round Championship show to Corporate Sponsors, rather than a Round here and there.

Then in the Championship Off Season the Tracks can develop Local Calenders that put on other Shows, like the old New Year Drag Series with some International/US Teams or Drivers/Riders in their Off Season.

Or some Match Racing Nitro Funny Car vs Top Fuel. The Championship off season is the time for Chicago Shootouts or Extreme Events not during the Main Championship.

Any way that is all I have to say, I just can't see Drag Racing re establishing itself as a National Motorsport until it is actually thought of as one.


It is sad to see that despite the many promises, uncertainty still seems to be what undermines Drag Racing in Oz.
I would of thought a simple 6 round ANDRA Pro Series Championship with the Full Group 1 Show at each Round and selected Aeroflow Rounds

1 Autumn Nationals Perth April (Double Points)
2 Nitro Champs Sydney May
3 Winter Nationals  Willowbank June
4 Northern Nationals Hidden Valley Late July
5 Spring Nationals AIR September
6 Nationals Calder October


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