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01-06-17 08:10:52
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

with the winters a week away who wants to have a go at bump spots and low et.

Top Fuel low et 4.48  dixon
bump 5.11

pro slammer low et 5.59 zappia
bump 5.82

pro alcohol low et 5.33 phillips
bump 5.48

pro stock low et 6.87 bektash

top bike low et 6.05 mathieson
bump 7.40

pro bike low et 6.99 badcock
bump 7.40

30-05-17 10:19:27
Winternationals Pro Entry Count ...... so far!
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

no lamatina. want everything right with long term driver Kelly befote they race.
good on them. kelly drove really well in testing and they will be back in darwin.
i see rob taylor and canulli in slammer now
mark harris and marty dack off the list.
most quality slammer field i can remembrr will take a low 5.8 to get in.
Ta strong.
Group 2 best in years.
hope to see 4.4s in tf if conditions are there.
will we see australias forst 6 in pro bike?
outlaws strong as always. i see robtaylor entrred in new corvette slammer. mighty effort running 2 doorslammrrs. would have thought comp or top sportsman better fit for that car
all 4 second fuel field would be good to see.
ta will take a record bump
bring it on

25-05-17 17:20:03
Winternationals Pro Entry Count ...... so far!
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

great to see a few old faces back
xerakis always made good power.
its a shame sheehan didnt come across that car has all the potential in the world.
should see a few more slammers enter with taylor and cannuli.
bektash in pro has entrred.
really keen for a fast and safe 4 days of racing.
any one wanna tip low et and speed in tf?
i think 4.48 @ 340

15-05-17 12:37:07
Winternationals Pro Entry Count ...... so far!
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

best fields in a long time.
sheehan would have been good but dosnt really travel.
a few regulars in slammer missing but 17 is really good.
ta very strong. missing some dragsters Zelow and noonan regulary does winters.
where is bektash in pro?
entries should go up a little once finalised.
good to see so many cars after only 411 last year.
group 2 strongest in a very long time
which fueler will get the 4.4?
whos driving santos 3rd car?

With the winters fast approaching and splatt making her return wondering how many fuelers are out here ready to run.
i can think of
Santo x at least 4
Morgan 2
lamatina x 2
steve reed
phil read
diffilipo x 2 xars
any other cars out there.
would be nice to see 10 plus at winters to make qualifying interesting
few old names who might still have things around
bob sherry
luke shepard
aaron lynch
darren mcgrath
bailey brothers
any others?

20-05-16 09:38:31
Topic: entries
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

Zappia is in.
17 slammers good numbers

18-05-16 14:46:07
Topic: entries
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

I was never having a dig at those that have entered. I think the entries ate really good considering the current state of the sport

Well done to all that have entered.
all i said as being a victorian it will be sad not many southern racers to support while i am up there.

But i am sure the quality will be second to none.
easily the best meet of the year

16-05-16 15:39:42
Topic: entries
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

Really keen for the winters this year.
a few big names missing from entry list hope last minute entries
no southern racers in supersedan modified supergas would have to be a first.
still looks to be a great meet

10-06-15 19:33:32
Dead Die hards
Category: Nostalgia
Forum: Die Hards

There are still many die hard fans/ racers out there.
I sat at the winters as a spectator from first run to last each day.
Got stuck in the carpark for hours sat and sunday and wouldnt have had it any other way.
Seeing the stands and hill show racing is still popular.
I dont know what sydney can do for crowds but get if melbourne ever gets up crowds will be there.

29-05-15 11:44:11
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

TF Phil Lamatina
TA Phillips
TD Kapiris
PRO Bektash
TB Drew
PSB Crowley
Comp Mcclure
Superstock Glover
Comp bike pennington
super compact Tait
Outlaws Van Thof
Super Sedan Steven Griffen
Modified  Mark Allen
Modified bike  Shane Walker
Super street Robert Winterburn
Super gas Matt Forbes
Top Sportsman Steven Fowler
JD  Leon Bektash

22-05-15 10:32:17
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Will be some record bumps
Tf 4.82
Ta 5.59
Td 5.91
Pro 7.01
psb 7.77
TB 8.20
Superstock .30 under

08-05-15 17:55:22
Topic: Winters
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

entrylist looks great.
10 in top fuel is impressive.
with a bump spot in all group 1 classes the last session will be great to watch.
494 with a few more that will go on at a guess.
no victor is a shame but great to see benny back.
any idea who will drive santos 3rd car?

07-01-14 14:54:27
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

After returning from canberras summernats interesting to see Peter Gray burnout ledgend now owns Grant O'Oroukes Monaro.
Any other new faces we will see in slammer this coming season

13-11-13 19:38:44
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Thanks for the info
Im looking at round 1 of the euro champs.
Hope for good weather but you never know I guess.
Should be a good experience I have had a good look and the quality of cars over there looks pretty good

13-11-13 15:19:50
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

After some information please
Has anyone on here ever been to santapod?
I will be in england in may and thinking about heading to round one of their season.
From what i can see it draws alot of cars and fields simikar size to here.
Any people with good or bad experiences over there would be great to know

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