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11-11-16 11:01:58
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

hi guys on the subject of brad lemberg and corey running near australian records for pro bike i beleive brad did set a record for 400 thunder IHRA PRO BIKE they  gave themselves a big weight break starting at the winter nats . they now run 5.75 lbs per cube down from 6.1 lbs so they no longer run on the ANDRA weights . congrads to both of them great numbers , who will run the first six second pass my tip corety.

21-08-15 21:03:31
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

hi i have an old video mid 80`s australian nationals heathcote with charlie`s satifaction doing an awesome burnout.
barry taylor doing burnout on twinkles bike no helmet an shorts on can`t do that today ,pommy pete on fatcat`s fuel bike.
ian spatt`s bantam alterd running his first 200mph the crashed on his next pass. ridgeway in his chevelle racing robin cox in his black 57 chev , it was the year that top alcahol funny car`s  ran in top fuel funny car to make up numbers i think
i was there crewing for ray easson in comp bike we got dudded on that one the bike ray raced in the semi`s could not
stage as front wheel would not break the beams so the starter put his foot in the beam to stage the bike , like i said
before would`nt happen today. gavin spann won comp bike that meet , but it was not him in the other lane next to ray .
lots of old face`s in this video great times and memories

10-06-15 23:38:36
Topic: pro bike
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

hi luke , mate crowley and wooster dumped the number one and number three bikes in the
championship that being momo and scotty white . ryan was number two having beat scott in
adelaide when scott`s bike lost the race as well as some of it`s body work. ryan pulled a great
.002 light against locky ireland to give him a chance for the title, but up against brad lemberg
he had gear selection problems (bent shift fork )  no one was going to beat brad this weekend
7.15 against us and 7.14 in the final awesome well done brad and ross


05-02-15 22:05:51
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

gary miocevich passed away last sunday and not one word on this site ,
can`t find one anywhere. what goes ?

03-10-12 21:56:48
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

i have a video of heathcote aust nationals 1984 i think it is, went over with ray easson and david mellows
the vid shows barry taylor doing the burnout in shorts ,shoe`s and socks no helmet then giving the bike back to twinkle , the good old days
ray was running super street bike i think he lost in the third rnd against dave millington 2stroke yammy
dave`s bike would`nt light the second stage light so the starter foot his foot in the beam so he could
stage . like i said the good old days

03-10-12 21:38:37
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

if you zoom in enough i think that is trevor birrel standing in front

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