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yea all very good comments one of the best things ever done in top alcohol was the banning of two steps . At first i thought it was a bad idea as it would make it hard on new teams but i was wrong what a great idea and if doorslammer becomes invaded by two steps there appeal will definitely decrease which will make top alcohol much more appealing  compared to the bang bang guys.
Also  one of the reasons we all love watching zap  is because he is one of the hands down greatest driver's to race in australia the more automated stuff we allow into racing the more of that appeal is lost .

04-01-14 00:44:57
Be CEO for a day...
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

i only need one id resign immediately that job is way two hard . Deal with tracks, deal with racers no thanks.It is definitely one hell of a challenge  and only a job for someone who is fully dedicated to the cause

17-12-12 23:07:28
brad 6 cylinder heads good condition 2500.00 bare 0433 450 284 danracing@westnet.com.au
Category: The Garage

brad 6 cylinder heads good condition bare 2500.00
0433 450 284

01-03-12 22:23:56
The contraversial topic of 1000ft. racing
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

i beleive the nhra is ten times better than it has ever been i never really got into the nhra in the past id only watch here and there as it seemed boring as you knew the big teams would easily win early rounds, unless something strange happened then the real racing would start from the semis
Now i never miss a show its awesome super close racing all the time i think 1000ft in the USA has improved there show dramatically. If it was quarter mile still, do you think al boolishi would still be lookin for his first win? or im sure shoe would of won a race last season if it was quarter. The competition is insane right now and two me thats a better show.
P.S its not as easy as you think to go 3.9 in a fuel car i was impressed with the 4.20,s
The fuel teams in australia should control there own destiny whatever they are comfortable running is what we should run

hence why the pro series has to be run as a carnival show with all group one brackets so no one bracket carries all the pressure of producing the show. Other wise the brand is wrecked when the show's not great.The only way forward for pro series is if we run a national roadshow and build the brand unfortunately if perth dont want two run that format then for the good of all they just cant have pro series cars at their track.Its unfortunate for perth poeple but what do you do?

many may not agree but if i was on the NCC for those 5 years i would of voted a motion  down two allow these fast production cars two run as is as well. I understand there standard or just above street cars but you dont line up on the street and go flat out for quarter mile (thats illegal) and even in super street  you still make mods etc to make them go faster and push your stuff to the limit (at least we did back in our super street days) so even if your stock production car can go faster than 11.00 you should be made to put a roll cage in, 4 point harness and tailshaft loop. Its not that hard with the kits available now days and if we are losing these few customers because they are two lazy to put some safety devices on thier car then we dont want them. Can you imagine the headlines drag racing will get if a car breaks a tailshaft at finish line, barrell rolls and the guy or girls hurt and hurt bad the risk is enormous and for what a few extra bucks . Id rather see headlines how the roll cages we forced them two use saved their life. To me safety should never be comprimised for the sake of a few extra entrants. We want two push this perception how we are teaching our youths two be safe on the road but then we are going to say " Its ok to run your 10.5 second street car flat out with a lap sash seat belt , But if you want to race super sadan under andra rules you will need a roll cage harness etc" Its a massive contradiction, and if anything ever goes wrong the mainstream media wont take long two work it out and we will be left lookin like fools. I think this just seems like the only excuse the tracks could come up with and if andra is not involed i dont think any of us should race at these meetings . If these customers are so important two the tracks then create a eight mile class for them so they dont see the speed that requires the extra safety then when they spend some more dollars on safety they can move to the quarter mile class. Regardless of the new track run rules you could bet your arse i wouldnt let my kids race 10.5 second streeters without the old so call antiquated rules.

17-09-11 18:26:55
1,000 ft
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

before we all bag out nhra i think you will find 95% of the fuel teams only want to race 1000ft and were the major push behind making it happen(remember the lobbing jim head etc done to make it happen). Even if nhra said we are going back to quarter mile they would never get enough fuel teams to agree so it's most unlikely it will ever happen again in america. At first i liked the idea of 1000ft then after 6 months i thought this is a bad idea but now i really enjoy it and watch more nhra than i ever used two. However i used to think all classes may as well run 1000ft but i think time has shown me that is a bad idea. Other classes should remain quarter mile. But at the end of the day it has very little to do with any of us its up two the racers in the class and the governing body. What ever decision they make you can bet we will all still be there watchin

03-07-11 16:29:03
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

this pretty much lays out where we are right now as for the future  ?????

http://www.competitionplus.com/drag-rac … crossroads

13-02-11 01:18:44
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Is this some kind of joke thread the motorplex is asking the russos to prove themselves (The RUSSOS) are they for real why not ask zap and judd if they can compete before they except there entries, i know dont accept andrew cowins entry as he has been out of the seat for a while so is proberly hopeless by now.
The motorplex is following the sydney example wont be long before the racers revolt here two things are lookin bad in this sport lets hope EVERYONE changers there attitudes soon otherwise ?????

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