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7th May Test N Tune and Lights Out Event 2016 -  275

Heads up grudge racing fired up at Willowbank Raceway with another Powercruise Lights Out event last weekend. Justin Simpson's accident did put a somber auroa on proceedings, but as reported in a story posted earlier on this site Justin will make a full recovery.

Drag News robot Mark Shields produced this video of the action.

Drag Import Media caught Simpson's heavy impacting accident in with some amazing onboard footage aboard Alex Haywood's Dato Ute, just showing how close the Camaro came to an even worse accident.

Another view of the accident by Mark Shields.

7th May Test N Tune and Lights Out Event 2016 -  42

An iconic Sport Compact machine also made a reapparence in the hands of the Sedmak clan.

Check out our gallery courtesy of boys at