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Lamattina Top Fuel Racing will make a return to their home racetrack as the Sydney-based team prepare to take on all comers at the 2016 East Coast Thunder, 4 and 5 November.

The team will continue to field the car that was recently raced at Darwin’s Hidden Valley and again, it will be piloted by the team’s long-time tuner, Aaron Hambridge.

Hambridge was happy to be back behind the wheel once more.

“To be racing Top Fuel again is great and to be doing it just 15 minutes from the workshop is even better! I am thankful to the Lamattina family for the opportunity and I cannot wait to put the car down the racetrack.

“When we raced this car (the team’s most recent championship winning chassis) in Darwin, it felt perfect, we know this car so well. We have a number of tune-ups that we know will work in almost any situation.

“Having said that, we also know this racetrack very well, so I’m confident that even having spent some time on the sidelines we can make a race of it for the Santo’s guys and everyone else. It’s going to a be a strong line-up for this event and the Sydney crowd will be in for a nitro treat for sure!” smiled Hambridge.

The East Coast Thunder event serves as the opening round of Top Fuel for the 2016/2017 400 Thunder season.

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