$1000 Cash for the quickest bike

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Thanks to the great support of Aus Dent Warrnambool and the South Coast Drag Racing Association we would like to offer $1000 cash to the quickest pass made by any bike for the upcoming season (ET not mph).

In a great incentive to get some faster bikes to our track this season and turn that into bigger bike fields at all of our meetings, Peter and H from Aus Dent Warrnambool have thrown their support behind the track, by putting up $1000 cash to the quickest pass by any bike during the 2010/2011 season at the South Coast Raceway.

The competitor must be able to back up their pass within 3 tenths on the same day at the same meeting to set the record. An updated list of the current Top 5 bikes will be posted on the www.southcoastraceway.com website after each meeting. At the end of the season the person with the fastest bike pass of the year will win the $1000 cash prize to be given out at the SCR presentation night.
For more information on this please call 0417374274

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