13B missile to launch soon

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Steven Barnett went down in Australian drag racing history with the first six second pass by a 13B powered car in Australia, now he is aiming for the world record.

Realising his six second dream, Barnett decided to step it up with a new car. The weapon of choice for Barnett has plenty of record holding pedigree being the first Pac Performance Mazda6 before a crash saw that team move on to a new car, while repairing the crashed chassis and selling it off. Since then the car has gone through several owners before settling with Barnett who has since been meticulously piecing together the car ready for Pac Performance to do their thing once again.

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It will be running the same 13B engine combo from his record-breaking RX3, but now with an air shifted Liberty 5 speed and Quick drive set up.

Eyes will be firmly on the 13B world record mark which currently sits with Quiles Turbo Racing at 6.34 at 217mph.

Relive Steven Barnett’s first six second moment below.

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