June 13, 2010

Winternationals updates – Sunday

Stay tuned as we bring you eliminations updates from Willowbank Raceway and the Castrol Edge Winternationals.     4:29pm – Martin Stamatis 4.72/287 defeats Phil Read who smoked the tyres, Stamatis wins the championship 4:26pm – Aaron Hambridge  5.56/256 defeats Wayne Newbys shut off run in Top Alcohol 4:22pm – Robin Judd shakes tyres and loses to John Zappia who runs 5.81/246 in Top Doorslammer and wins the championship 4:19pm – Aaron Tremayne 7.04/193 defeated Denis Whiting 7.12/191 in pro stock 4:17pm – Chris Matherson 6.05/201 defeated Mark Drew who crossed the centre line in top bike 4:14pm – Peter Cochrane 7.34/184 defeats Phil Howard 7.42/173 in pro stock motorcycle  4:11pm – Ben Bray wins pro FX when Archie Kajewski can not start 4:07pm – Wayne Cartledge defeats Greame Frawley who gets loose and shuts off in competition final 4:03pm – Adam Spinozzi red lights to Tom Dimitropoulos in super stock final   4:00pm – Damian Mckern defeats Matt Lisle in super compact final Shayne Homes defeats Kevin Williamson in comp bike, Homes also wins championship Bill Fletcher wins against John Loy in supercharged outlaws, loy red light Athol Jacobsen defeted Kelly Corbett in modified  Allan Woods defeted Scott o’beirne in super sedan 2:40pm Junior Dragster Final Phil Stewart defeated by Alicia Naylor 2:45pm – Shayne Homes takes the win in the Comp Bike semi finals when Peter Everett red lights with a -.016. David Shaw against Kevin Williamson and a 9.82 for Shaw is the winner with Williamson having troubles in the top end. 2:44pm – In the Modified semi finals Kelly Corbett moves through with a .042 total package against Bruce Mansfield while Athol Jacobsen takes a solo into the final to face her. 2:41pm – There was a big clean up after that last Doorslammer race. Wayne Newby only staged for the win in Top Alcohol with Dean Oakey dropping a valve in the first round. Aaron Hambridge overcame shake and a wheelstand to take a 5.73/254 win over a valiant 5.76 from Reed. In Pro FX Archie Kajewski went 7.27/190 to defeat Rod Harvey who went no where on the line, while Ben Bray defeated George Rehayem in a 6.69 to 7.57 race. 2:13pm – Robin Judd takes on Peter Kapiris. Both have a lot of shake, Judd needing to eventually pedal. It looks like Kapiris is in with a shot but then the motor goes away big time with lots of smoke in the deep end. Judd’s 6.07/242 takes the win against a 6.39/212. The championship will come down to the final race of the season. 2:09pm – John Zappia and Ben Bray face off here. The bad blood of previous starting line games is forgotten here as Bray goes straight into stage, Zappia in. Bray goes into tyre shake at 200 feet and Zappia runs away for an amazing 5.805 at 246mph, going 3.83/199 to half track. What a run to set a new standard for Australian doorslammers. 1:55pm – Martin Stamatis faces Mark Mariani. They leave evenly but Mariani seems to be mixing up the cylinders a little and then his motor expires, Stamatis looks like he pops the burst panel shortly after and both roll through the finish but with a 4.83 the win goes to Stamatis over a 5.56. 3.13 to half track for Stamatis. 1:52pm – Phil Read against Phil Lamattina, one of the greatest rivalries in drag racing. Two teams who have the resources to throw everything at a race and leave nothing on the table. Both leave with near identical .08 reaction times, read has cylinders out everywhere, Lamattina smokes the tyres, loses the belt, Read on fire but a 4.97 takes the win and the championship is alive. 1:48pm – A battle of Tremaynes takes place here. Aaron has already wrapped up the championship so this will be for some family bragging rights. A red light by Tyronne though ends it here, -.021 and a 7.07 for Aaron takes the win against a 7.09. Top Fuel out now. 1:45pm – Pro Stock semi finals take to the track. Wayne Daley out for Diamond T Toolboxes but it’s a -.003 red light to end his day with Whiting moving through to the final with a 7.09/191 pass. 1:40pm – It’s our second solo in a row with Jay Upton’s machine making an off sound on start up and the West Aussie electing to shut it down straight away. It leaves Mark Drew to fire up and take his pass. A 6.86/199 gets him through the round and into the final. The front wheel was up in a big way. Upton crew chief Doug Green says there was an electrical problem with the bike. 1:38pm – Chris Matheson on a solo in Top Bike with Chris Porter not making it out. He is off it well early again for a 6.43/161. 1:36pm – Phil Howard makes a 7.41/181 charge that knocks out a 7.61/155 from reigning champ Michael Gilbertson. Now we go into Top Bike. 1:34pm – Back to ANDRA Pro Series racing now with Pro Stock Motorcycle. A 7.40/166 by Peter Cochrane gets him through over a 7.78/167 by Glenn Wooster whose bike really laid over into second gear. 1:30pm – Jeffrey Clarke might be out of championship racing but he is still keen for a Winternationals title up against Wayne Cartledge who is just as hungry. 7.20 from Cartledge takes the win over Clarke who shakes the tyres hard and he seems to have broken something as there is no more go for the Hog’s Breath Cafe dragster. 1:28pm – Jason Maggs takes on Graeme Frawley in a big championship race in Comp. 7.06 from Frawley defeats a 7.14 and that makes him the Australian champ. Congratulations. 1:20pm – Now into Comp. Wayne Keys lines up with Phil Otto. A big shock as Otto red lights and loses his shot at the Australian title, Graeme Frawley and Jason Maggs now in the box seat. Maurice Brennan now against Craig Geddes here. 7.69 from

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