2011 Winternationals re-run

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The team from Dragnews Australia will be providing LIVE coverage of the 2011 Winternationals re-run from Willowbank Raceway Friday through Sunday, July 15-17.


The Dragnews team of reporters and photographers return to the scene of last months washout, Willowbank Raceway, to bring you our innovative CiL panel coverage of the Winters re-run. With a favourable weather forecast this time, championships are on the line and racers are itching to have a crack at the final Gold Christmas Tree on offer for the season. This meeting is destined to become a memorable event for racer and spectator alike and if you can’t attend the big race why not log in here to enjoy and participate in our coverage as it happens?

We will bring you all the on track action along with pit happenings and gossip. So join us live from Friday July 15th.

Dragnews are offering special advertising opportunities for this meeting so why not drop us a line at advertising@dragnews.com.au and get information on how to exposure your business to thousands of viewers.




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