2012/2013 rule submissions open

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Rules submissions for inclusion in the 2012 / 2013 ANDRA Rulebook will be received from 01 September 2011 through to 01 November 2011.

Submissions must be posted directly to;

Australian National Drag Racing Association

P.O Box 250,

Kent Town,

South Australia, 5071

Any person or organisation wishing to submit a rule proposal should review the ANDRA Rules Submission Policy which can be viewed on the ANDRA website at


Rule submissions will be dividing into separate categories for Internal or External Submissions and further divided into groups for Policy and Technical.

Submissions will be posted on the ANDRA website by 11 November 2011.

Comments and feedback on any rule proposal will only be accepted in writing. Feedback should be submitted directly to your respective Divisional Council.

No comments will be accepted regarding any rule proposal after 01 February 2012.

If further clarification is required please contact ANDRA Technical Manager at steve.power@andra.com.au

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