A five second Commodore – say what?!

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That is the goal for Jeremy “Jet” Martin with his VB taxi after a ripping 6.13 second pass in testing recently.

The VB Commodore is now far removed from its original incarnation some 12 years ago when Martin strapped in a turbo Holden V8 and ran nines at 150mph.

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A second rebuild saw a turbo 540ci BBC slotted in earning a 6.9 second time card at 204mph before the serious gear went in with a twin turbo 526ci Pro Line Racing bullet.

With the Commodore now in beast mode, times dropped straight into the low sixes turning many heads with it’s almost sleeper looks. 


The car has always been unassuming in the looks department, and still weighs in at a hefty 2750lbs, retaining the original steel roof, quarters, pillars and sills – even the original tail lights and chrome steel rear bumper.

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Martin hopes to reach his goal of a 5.9 second pass soon, showing you don’t need the latest and greatest Pro Mod from the US to run quick.


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