A new brand for drag racing

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The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) is rolling out new branding across the country to excite a new generation about the world of drag racing.

The modern and youthful look takes inspiration from some of the leading brands internationally in bringing excitement and adrenaline to drag racing’s image.

ANDRA national sponsorship and marketing manager Rob Sharp said the fresh branding provided an opportunity to take the sport to new fans.

“This brand gives drag racing the edge it needs in the market to start attracting young people and reach out to new markets,” he said. “The new logo is modern and carries a sense of the excitement the sport itself has.

“The old logo served us well for over two decades and racers feel a lot of attachment to it, but we can use the new brand to go out to a whole new set of potential racers and fans now and get them into the sport. I’m talking about the YouTube generation.”

All ANDRA collateral is currently being updated and racers will soon see the branding across every aspect of the sport.

A new merchandise range is also being developed to take advantage of the modern and exciting design.

“As a sporting organisation we want to promote the sport as best we can and while not everyone on the street would understand ANDRA as an acronym, most people know and can relate to drag racing on a broader level,” Mr Sharp said.

ANDRA national media manager Luke Nieuwhof said it was a chance for drag racing to take itself to the people again.

“It’s a first step in getting hardcore drag racing fans back to the track and making people new to the sport excited about what they are seeing,” he said.

“Drag racing is a fast, loud, powerful and thrilling motorsport. Now we have a logo that conveys that message.

“But a logo is just one step. Our actions speak louder than the logo by itself and ANDRA will continue to boost its profile around the country.”

The new branding will begin to be seen through March, with new merchandise to be available in April. It is expected that the changeover should be complete around the middle of the year.

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