Adam Murrihy bags Outlaws title for the Territory

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Adam Murrihy’s Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series began with a first round exit in Round 4 of the Series at Warwick Dragway in November. It ended with the 2015/2016 Supercharged Outlaws Championship at AIR in April.

The Territorian set off from Darwin last November with his wife and three small kids for a nine week racing tour and holiday.

Along the way he competed in Warwick, Mildura, Portland and Melbourne twice amassing 300 points including four top qualifiers in a row, an event win and two runner ups to put him in the running for the Championship.

“We had a blast travelling from track to track and met some great people and clubs along the way,” said Murrihy.

“There were definitely challenges as well; there were long distances to travel, lots of repairs to do without a workshop in between race meets and having a different pit crew at each event – however all the crew who did come and help, giving up their time from work and family to travel big distances to help us was amazing!

“So through all of that to come out on top shows that all our hard work paid off and it’s the best feeling ever.”

Entering the ANDRA Championship Grand Final David Thornton and Doina Day both had a shot at the title level on 300 points with Murrihy. It was going to be tough but the challenge was made a little easier when Thornton and Day faced off in Round 1.

“The finals in Adelaide were a great event. I knew that there were only three racers with enough points who were main contenders for the Championship: myself, David Thornton and Doina Day.

“Dave and Doina were up against each other first, so I thought I was in with a good chance, but with drag racing anything can happen!

“Dave beat Doina, but then broke out in Round 2 so I knew I had to win my race in order to take out the Championship. After my race it felt like hours waiting at the end of the track for my crew to get there to relay the results.

“I was confident it was a clean pass but sitting down the deep end of the track waiting for the news was tough. The crew arrived and there was plenty of hugs, handshakes and high fives!

“It was an awesome feeling and a massive relief to have won, as we have put so much into this Series, but it was a short celebration as we had to get the car turned around for the next round.”

A solo semi final pass put Murrihy into his fourth final round of the season and although he would end up losing the battle, he had won the war.

“Every track we raced at we had a different pit crew. A massive thanks to all those who took time off from work and family, to travel hundreds of kilometres to help, I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without them.

“We had a blast! All the committees and racers at every track couldn’t be more helpful. A special thanks has to go to the track crew at Mildura Sunset Strip for all their help!”

Image credit: Cara Bertoli


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