Adamos and Osborn at top of WA Modified brawl

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The Night of Fire might be named for its four flame throwing 450kmh jet dragsters, but it also forms the penultimate round of the WA drag racing championship.

Of all the brackets, Modified has one of the most exciting chases going on. Alesha Adamos, Michelle Osborn and Sam Treasure are all within close range of one another as the pressure ramps up for the final two events of the season.

Adamos has been drag racing since she was nine years old – and a WA drag racing championship is a goal she has always wanted.

“I would really like to win a championship before I retire,” she said. “If I don’t win this year, you will see me every year till I am 80 trying to win it!”

Adamos has been in good form this season with her own driving at top level and the added benefit of Super Comp racing fiance Sam helping out.

“Sam has spent a lot of time focusing on my dial ins this season which has been crucial to my success,” she said. “It is hard running two dial your own cars and to have his full attention helping me has been fantastic.

“All of the Group 3 racers at our track are full of focused drivers, no one turns up to lose and no race is an easy win.”

Adamos said the winner of the championship at the end of the season will very much deserve it – and she is planning on doing a little off track training too.

“It’s great fun to race against other young drivers that I have known for such a long time,” she said. “We are each deserving of the championship; I think it’s going to be tight until the end. To beat these two (Osborn and Treasure) I will need to carry the practice tree in my handbag until April 11 (the Grand Final)!”

MichelleOsborn17032015Along with Adamos, Osborn is one of the five women in the top seven of Modified and would love to earn her first title as well.

“To win a championship for me would mean that all the hard work from my crew and sponsors over the last six years have paid off,” she said. “To be able to thank them and say I won this because of your help and support would mean the absolute world to me.”

Osborn has always had national record pace on her side but her consistency has been the big improvement this season.

“This year my team focused on consistency rather than speed or elapsed time,” she said. “When I have done a pass at 7.02 it is very hard to stop pushing for a six second pass. This year we ‘tamed’ the car down which cost us in elapsed time but increased our consistency which in return won us rounds.

“This season we have over come a few issues that has explained a lot of our problems in previous seasons. It’s a great sense of relief to see the car doing well after so many struggles. This has been my best season and so I am very happy.”

Osborn is keen to test her skills against the best.

“Alesha and Sam are both challenging competitors,” she said. “It’s good to have opposition that keeps you on your toes. The last meeting with 50% bonus points will be a nail biter.”

As a late boost to her hopes, Osborn is also coming off a runner up at the Pro Series 1000 in Adelaide International Raceway on Sunday, ensuring she is race ready for Saturday’s Night of Fire at Perth Motorplex.

Sportsman qualifying starts from 10am with the main program from 6pm.


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