Adamos family advances on Motorplex

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One of Western Australia’s fastest families will be competing en mass at Perth Motorplex on Saturday, with four Adamos family members taking to the quarter mile drag strip.

While Alesha Adamos in her Super Sedan and her cousin Nicole Adamos in her Junior Dragster are already well established, it will be Nicole’s sister Michelle Adamos and Alesha’s brother Laurence Adamos joining the fray this weekend as they begin competing in the Modified category.

Stirling resident Michelle, 22, who has raced before in the Junior Dragster category, said she is looking forward to taking on Laurence, 19 from Osborne Park, in some friendly rivalry.

“We are going to have lots of fun together racing, it will really be like the old days racing in Juniors as a family,” she said.

“I’m definitely not scared of him, he asks me all the time if am I scared of being beaten by him, I say just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you will win!”

Michelle will be well known to race fans as one of the commentators at Perth Motorplex. She will now be converting from talking about the racing to getting back amongst it.

She says her dragster, imported from the USA, suits her well.

“The car feels comfortable and safe, so I can hopefully settle in well,” she said.

“My main aim is to get myself used to the car and get the feel for it before we start racing as such and competing, obviously the quicker I pick it up the better, but I will take it slow until I get the hang of it.”

The family aspect is an important part of racing for Michelle and she said she could not do it without their support.

“Dad is really proud and I think he is really excited, it has been a year long project and it has all come together,” she said.

“The amount of work that has gone into it has been major, it looks good and it sounds fierce, I have a good feeling about how it will all go.”

Modified is a sportsman category for dragsters and altered-style race cars. Michelle’s own dragster is expected to cover the quarter mile in the seven second zone at over 250kmh.

She will be racing on both Friday and Saturday nights as part of the second round of the WA state championship, where leading Top Fuel drivers Phil Lamattina and Darren Morgan will also be match racing for the crowd.

Racing starts from 6pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday, with the first Top Fuel run at 6pm Saturday.

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