AERO Outlaw RX-7 has a solid season

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AERO Racing is a Perth based drag racing team specialising in Sport Compact drag racing. The team presented two race cars this season for racing – Paul Carey’s wild Lexus powered RX-7 competing in Supercharged Outlaws, and Brad Morris’s turbo rotary powered RX-7 competing in Group 2 Super Compact.

The AERO Outlaw RX-7 competed in all nine events at the Perth Motorplex, and finished fourth overall in the local Championship. The season saw Paul Carey racing in two A Finals – winning one – and winning five other eliminators. Perth Motorplex runs the A and B Final format, chosen from the top four eliminator winners, with a “package” calculation based on reaction time and how close a competitor gets to their dial in handicap”.
Team owner and driver Paul Carey was pleased with the season – “We were in two minds whether to compete this year with the Lexus V8, as our new billet heads where not ready. But our mentor John Zappia encouraged me to run the standard heads in a milder tune and chase some consistency in our racing this year”.

“Running fourth in the Championship was a good effort – considering we sheared a gearbox input shaft and went out early in round three. The AERO billet CNC block performed flawlessly all season, despite the workout it gets. Thanks to High Speed Engineering and El Es De Engineering for that product and sponsorship.

“We have to run this very small engine (282 cubes) at Group 2 levels of performance to get the ET’s we want – basically 10,000rpm and 50 plus pounds of boost – so we are proud of the consistency we can get with the car with that level of tune”.
 “Outlaw teams here in Perth enjoy great friendships and a lot of good humour. Our RX-7 quickly got the name “Ricer” from some racers, but I think we earned some respect from them with some good tight racing. The class enjoys such a wide variety of race cars, and is very popular with the crowd in Perth”.

 “The traditional method of going Supercharged Outlaws racing is to run a de-tuned big cube engine at modest revs and boost with a tall rear end. Our sports compact approach – high revving modern quad cam engine in a small car – has worked and added another approach to the bracket”.
“We do have advantages in the first half of the track with low torque and are able to throw everything at the track. Our PB’s came later in the season with the Perth Motorplex really stepping up the preparation of their track, and the team adapting to get the wheel speed up again”.
“The car started the season off with a 7.411 @ 191.08 mph – slower than our PB from last season of 7.31, and finished off the season with a 7.188 @ 191.89mph PB with some better tuning in first gear”.

“Many thanks go to our sponsors for the season. Aero Group Pty Ltd has funded most of the season, and we thank them for that. Their Avtrac Maintenance Tracking software – modified for drag racing and used for the last ten years by John Zappia, is used by myself for data collection and has been instrumental in being able to dial in correct tunes for various weather and track conditions and improve consistency”.
“Platinum Aviation prepared the engine for us at their immaculate aircraft engine overhaul shop, and Harris Engines provided excellent support with the quad cam heads, which needed servicing every couple of meetings”.

“Many thanks also to John Zappia, who has given me untold support with his mentoring role in the team. The intensity and class required to stay reining Top Doorslammer Champion comes through to us in many ways”.

The EFI Turbo 13B powered RX-7 of Brad Morris had a steady season as he settles into regular Super Compact racing in Super Stock. Setting a new personal best 10.015 from his standard drive train earned him the title of Australia’s quickest IRS rotary sedan. Switching to methanol and installing a clutchless 5 speed will see Brad under his index when he next races.

The team is now undergoing off season maintenance, and will present the AERO Outlaw RX-7 next season with new equipment that should see the car dip into the sixes for the first time. The team will aim to race at the Winternationals and possibly some other east coast tracks next season.
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