AeroFlow launch new range of performance products

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New to the Australian market are the massive range of AeroFlow performance hoses, fittings and automotive parts.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and an extensive research and development program, AeroFlow are committed to excellence, combined with expert knowledge and a passion for the automotive and high performance industry, AeroFlow products are manufactured to the highest specifications ensuring reliability and effectiveness.


AeroFlow Performance Products are recognised as one of the leading international manufacturers of performance automotive plumbing. With superior thread strength, smooth easy assembly and double viton o-ring seals for leak free performance with a wide range of fluids. With a large range of colours and fittings to suit all Hot Rods, Drag Racing, Speedway, Street Machines, Sport Compact, Motorcycles, Marine and custom applications.


AeroFlow also manufacture a wide range of performance products including thermostat housings, thermo fans, fuel pumps timing covers and more for the Australian and US vehicle applications, with outstanding quality at a price you won’t believe. Check out the full range of Aeroflow products at or call Rocket on (02) 88251900


Aeroflow Performance Parts Catalogue

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