Aeroflow nitro funny cars confirm 7mate TV deal

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The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car series has confirmed a new deal for one-hour programming on 7mate and the Foxsports platform for the Night of Fire event to be held at Sydney Dragway November 29.

 Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Marketing Manager Rob Sharp was happy to confirm the announcement.

“This is another great development for the Series, working with Nathan Prendergast and the Ignition Productions team is fantastic, they are as good as it gets.

“We have a great group of commentary and production people and we are going to make sure this is the best drag racing TV production of all time. Partnering with 7mate is the perfect partnership, it’s Australia’s best ‘blokey’ platform and this is right in their zone.

“The guys at Ignition Productions have some tricks up their sleeve for this event and the YBI Creative crew will be helping to give it some real bling. Just wait for this show – it’s going to be crazy!” concluded Sharp.

Nathan Prendergast was also pleased to be on-board for the Night of Fire.

“This event is fantastic, I love nitro funny cars and Graeme, Steve and Rob have got the best show you can see!”

“We have some additional stuff at this event to make it even better than last year’s show, we can’t wait to get it onto the screen!”

“To shoot 17 nitro funny cars is pretty cool and these cars run side by side, pass after pass, it’s going to make for great TV.

The first show will air on 7mate on Saturday 20 December at 1:30pm EST with a replay the following Monday 22 December at 4:30pm EST.

For more information on the latest information for the Night of Fire event, head to or follow the series on Facebook.



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