Aeroflow Nitro Hotrods to take on the world in overseas shootout

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One of Australia’s best-known drag racing names on the international stage, ‘Cowin’, will once again take part in an international tour with the Aeroflow Nitro Hotrods set to race NZ’s and USA’s best!

Now, Graeme and Wendy are taking their famous Psycho Fuel altered to Meremere New Zealand to compete against some of the most famous short wheel-based cars on the planet in a nitro extravaganza for the eager Kiwi crowd.

Partnering the famous Psycho machine will be the Aeroflow Nitro Hotrod stable mate Berzerk with both cars to compete at the Trans America Shipping Nostalgia Drags hosted by Bay Rodders Inc. on April 1st, 2017.

The Cowin cars will be representing Australia in what has become a truly international challenge, which will also include the famous Rat Trap altered, direct from the USA.

Rumour has hinted the possibility that one of the most famous altered of all time, “Pure Hell”, might be joining Rat Trap in waiving the stars and stripes flag against the very best from down under.

Graeme Cowin explained, “When the opportunity came up to take these cars to New Zealand, we couldn’t jump at it fast enough!”

“We are really looking forward to putting on a great show for all our NZ supporters. To also be told there is a possibility of Rat Trap and Pure Hell being there also, it was clear this was going to become a huge event that we were proud to be a part of,” beamed Cowin.

Ready to defend their home turf will be local hotshoe Dave Gauld driving his wild nitro coupe and the Lodge/Stables combination making a return with NZ’s own famous nitro altered, Hombre.

Having run as quick as 6.01 and 5.98 Psycho and Berzerk are very fast cars but Berzerk driver, Rick Gauci, was quick to point out it’s not all about how fast these cars go. “It’s all about the show, it’s all about entertainment because at the end of the day if everyone in the crowd goes home happy having watched some exciting nitro racing, then we will have done our job.”

Aeroflow Performance’s Products Brand Manager and Kiwi-expat, Glen Collet, will also be making the trip across the Tasman.

Collet added, “Aeroflow has a huge customer base in New Zealand, so it is exciting to be able to come to NZ and showcase our two Nitro Hotrods! We will also be bringing with us a big pile of the new Aeroflow catalogues to show the huge range of product that are available from all our Aeroflow Dealers.

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