Aeroflow return to Mackay with huge field

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The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Show is heading back north, with confirmation the tour will be taking a massive 11 of the 4000 horsepower flame-throwing funny cars to Mackay’s Palmyra Dragway!

The nitro coupes will be a running over the eighth mile distance at speeds of more than 300kph.

The Aeroflow show will also be bring their crowd favourite wheel-standing funny cars to the north Queensland venue, a sure-fire favourite for the youngsters in the crowd.

“We had an amazing event at Mackay last year but now with 11 nitro cars and two wheelstanders, the crowd will really not know what has hit them!” laughed Series Manager Steve Bettes.

“Our Aeroflow team are not 100% sure but we believe this many cars on a regional track may even be an Australian record! No matter what the case, 44,000hp worth of nitro cars is sure to put on quite a show! The two wheelstanding, flaming funny cars are worth the price of admission alone!”

Palmyra Dragway is the oldest club run and operated drag racing venue in Australia and the teams are looking to set new benchmarks in performance at a racetrack rich in drag racing history.

“We can certainly take the longest wheelstand title, I’m sure of that!”

As Bettes explains however, the consistency of these cars is what makes the crowd come back for more.

“It’s more than horsepower though, these cars are not only extremely powerful and spectacular, they run very consistently and the side-by-side racing makes the racing something special. They will have you on the edge of your seat or the tips of your toes from start to finish.”

Bettes was also quick to thank new Palmyra Dragway President, Kylie London.

“Kylie, her committee and volunteers at Palmyra have been helpful and excited to get our cars back up there and we couldn’t be more thrilled with their commitment to this event and their race track.”

“We have a huge number of local runners including Glenn Moore, Harold Campbell and the Peirano family as well as fellow Queenslanders – Justin Walshe, Paul Messineo and Greg and Peter Leahy.

“Those teams who know the weather and conditions up there very well, so all that’s left to do is get that 44,000hp to the racetrack!”

Saturday May 16
Palmyra Dragway
2 Bells Road
Mackay, Palmyra, Queensland

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