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Affordable Racing Parts has evolved from over 20 years of research & development, with leading figures in motor sport, both from America & locally here in Australia. We are in business to supply top quality products that perform at the highest level, and to provide excellent customer service and technical support.
A top quality product enables you to perform at the highest level consistently, leading to more wins.

It also helps you avoid spending time and money on replacing faulty or low quality parts later. A lower quality product can cost you performance at the track and cause you to miss races because your fixing failed components. We only sell components that we have found through our years of racing Experience to be the highest quality and most reliable.

Our products range from Canton oil pans, hypatec pistons, Hastings & Speed Pro moly rings,
Scat crankshafts, Scat rotating assembly’s, Srp & Je Pistons, Dart Blocks, Pro System Carbs, Yella Terra heads & roller rockers, Edelbrock heads, Torque Power manifolds, World products heads, Edelbrock manifolds, Dart heads, & right through to our top of the range T-REX cnc ported heads.

Our latest range of T-REX cnc ported heads, has been developed with the sole purpose of perfect port shape, along with the most consistent intake & exhaust port cross sectional area available.

Our latest range has been thoroughly developed via the latest air flow technology, both wet & dry, & then completely dyno & track tested prior to releasing. This way we can feel reassured that all our customers will receive the latest & most up to date Products that anybody has to offer.

Our range of products extend all the way from S/B Windsor, S/B Cleveland,S/B Chevy, B/B Chevy, right through to Holden EFI.

Our most extensive listing is Centred around the Australian Cleveland based CHI design & we offer over 20 different varieties. Our designs cover anything from small high velocity ports & std 4V height, all the way through to extra large ports that flow well over 420cfm @28in, & are capable of making in excess of 880hp on 450ci engine with 15.0:1 compression ratio.

We take pride in the quality of our components, and will never cut corners.

We will beat any written quote by 5% Guaranteed!!!

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