Aftermarket Industries steps up with quality fuel systems for drag racing

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The Aftermarket Industries FS400 & FS1200 single, twin and triple billet fuel pump hangers are superior in design, engineering and construction to anything else available on the market.

aftermarketindustriessmallBut don’t take their word for it. Aftermarket Industries products are used exclusively by many of the world’s leading workshops and motorsport teams such as drag racing veteran Joe Signorelli of GAS Motorsports and MadMike Motorsport with their 1300hp twin turbo “Radbul” drift car project which is equipped with the FS1200 fuel pump hanger.
In the high performance world of drag racing, having quality in your fuel system is essential.

Silent, E85 compatible, compact, height-adjustable (200mm-300mm) and flow capability between 460-1200+ LHR. Aftermarket Industries also offer expert advice. Simply give them a call on 1300 755 798 (toll-free) and ensure your project is equipped with not only the best fuel system components but the right components.

aftermarketfueltankcropAftermarket Industries can also design and manufacture a custom fuel tank based on your requirements using the latest laser cutting and CNC production technologies and we have the largest and most extensive range of surge tanks.

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FS1200 Specifications:
• Internal triple check-valve billet fuel pump manifold to allow staged fuel pump operation (when using two pumps each pump can be staged).
• Single fuel pump port rather than three individual ports for each pump will minimise cost of install.
• Functional “Return/Supply” tube inserts are based on OEM fluid dynamic principles to deliver fuel to the base or inlet of the fuel pump.
• Quick Connect terminals allows for simple install.
• Specially moulded viton rubber insert designed to eliminate resonance caused by vibration of the pump while in operation.
• Billet bulkhead allows for eight points of adjustment.
• Includes aluminium weld-on flange.


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