Alf Sciacca: Fans love or hate Lambo

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The supercharged Lamborghini of Alf Sciacca is a polarising vehicle. Racing in the Supercharged Outlaws bracket of the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series, fans either love it or love to hate it.

Either way it seems no one can look away when Sciacca and his son, Alf Jr, hit the drag strip.

“There’s some mixed emotion about it,” said Sciacca Sr. “If you look at the YouTube videos people either love it or hate it, there’s no in-between.

“Unfortunately some people think I went and bought a $500,000 Lambo and cut it up into a drag car. They don’t quite understand that it’s a chassis car with a fibreglass body.

“But we do get a lot of attention and we’re having a ball with it.”

Built by Thunder Road Race Cars, Sciacca first purchased the car approximately 10-12 years ago with his best pass coming on a 6.6 ET at 214 mph.

He has since before relinquished driving duties to his son who has already surpassed Dad’s personal best.

“He’s been doing a fantastic job. His best is a 6.74 ET at 204 mph and he achieved that within six months of his driving career. It took me 30 years to run a six!

“We get a lot of help from the Sainty family, they give us the engine combination and our sponsors Nulon Oil and Empire Clothing are great and apart from that everything is out of our own pocket.”

Fans can see the Lamborghini in action at the East Coast Nationals November 7-8 before the team heads to regional Victoria for the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series at Fuchs South Coast Raceway in Portland (November 14-15) and Mildura Sunset Strip (December 4-5).

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