Alice Springs Inland Dragway earns capital grant

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The Central Australian Drag Racing Association received some fantastic news this week with the announcement that $500,000 would be given to the club in the upcoming NT budget in the form of a capital grant.



The money will be used to extend the current barriers from the 1/8 mile (half track) all the way through the 1/4 mile and the braking area, thus bringing the safety barriers to international standards.  The return road will also be widened to allow two-way traffic.  All of these works will ensure that the track continue to provide the safest facility for racers, and by doing this will be able to allow cars to race to their full potential.  With currently having a 200mph limit, these upgrades will allow the facility to run side by side over 200mph for the 1/4 mile.


Being the only 1/4 mile regional track in Australia, this will enable venue to use the track to its full potential.  With a National event this year, being run over the 1/8 mile, it looks like next year CADRA will be able to run it over the 1/4 which will be fantastic for both competitors and spectators.


A scrutineering shed with scales will also be constructed to conform with national standards and will also include a disabled toilet.


The club would like to extend a huge thanks to Chief Minister Adam Giles, Sport and Recreation Minister Matt Conlon and the NT Government.  The CADRA believes this will be a positive investment for the community as they build up national events.  


Through these events, local tourism and the Alice Springs Inland Dragway will both benefit.


There will be some exciting times ahead at the Alice Springs Inland Dragway.

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