All hail the new Grudge King

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 CraigeLewis GK 4108 160917 53

Grudge Kings returned to Sydney Dragway for their “list shakeup” to find a new street outlaw racing king.

With reigning king Tomi Raikko set to defend his crown in the heads up racing league, car problems saw the twin turbo Torana bundled out of the Top Ten List and a new king would be crowned.

So Grudge King suitors lined up for a day of all out heads up racing over the eighth mile, with the event being built up as a import versus muscle deal – anything goes that has doors and is not full chassis.

TomiRaikko GK 79 160917 10

Round after round contenders went head to head advancing up the list, and as the day wore on Craige Lewis’ radial tyre twin turbo legit street Cortina was taking names and would find himself racing off against Pro Street icon Johnny Habib in the [DOZ07Z] Torana for the crown.

CraigeLewis GK 4108 160917 42

The two seven second animals went head to head – turbo versus the bottle. At the drop of the green a slight holeshot went to Lewis, an advantage the Cortina held all the way to the stripe.  

“Wow f**k! What can I say, so unexpected.” said Lewis. “After a month of trying to sort the thing out, it came together when it counted – on all fours.”

“Could not of done it without Kon Michaloudakis – he knows his shit – Frank Marchese for the little block Windsor, Matt Marsh for his input and fab work, Po Tung for putting on the event was mint,  and to Johnny Habib in the final, true gentlemen in the lead up to the final. And Meagen Tunbridge, and the kids for their support with the time and hours put in. Number one baby – 275 Radial is where it’s at!”

After the event the Grudge Kings street outlaw list looked like this:

CraigeLewis GK 4108 160917 07

#1 Craige Lewis

JohnHabib GK 2400 160917 73

#2 John Habib

GregTsakiridis GK 3457 160917 03

#3 Greg Tsakirdis

DavidHellyer GK 6451 160917 07

#4 David Hellyer

DanielSoldatic GK 1361 160917 42

#5 Dan Soldatic

JoeSabato GK 1950 160917 01

#6 Joe Sabato

ShaneBugeja GK 6172 160917 03

#7 Shane Bugeja

SimonIannou GK 6170 160917 09

#8 Simon Iannou

HeathThomsen GK 3035 160917 03

#9 Heath Thomson

AlexCirtoski G 3174 160917 14

#10 Alex Cirtoski

 SeanMaher DYO 3332 160917 01

Sean Maher won the DYO bracket against Pete Hamilton.

 IanSmith BIKE 5865 160917 42

And Ian Smith won the Bike DYO bracket over Joe Khoury.

 Racing videos by Madman Productions and Fast Performance Videos.

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