Allison finishes jet licensing

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allisonjetRhiannon Allison is officially a licensed jet dragster driver, completing her training this week at Perth Motorplex ahead of Jet Car Max on December 28.

Allison is no stranger to dragster driving, having competed in Supercharged Outlaws, but this was her first time with jet propulsion.

“Thanks to the team, ANDRA and the track safety crew for all your hard work over the last few weeks,” she said via Facebook. “Big thanks to Chuck (Haynes) for being a great mentor, Gary (Miocevich) for giving me this opportunity and Mum and Dad for all your support and staying calm. Now let’s go put on a show for the West Aussies!”

Allison will be taking on American Haynes and South African Pieter De Wit in just over a week’s time.

Image courtesy The Shed.


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