Amputee, cancer survivor and drag racer Benny Stevens brings life to words

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Australian Nitro Harley drag racer Benny Stevens has launched a Kickstarter for his new book Fuelled, based on his amazing life story.

Fuelled is the autobiography of a man with a life story almost too crazy to be true and a literal never-say-die attitude.

Growing up in a family of market gardeners, Benny lived in an unpredictable environment of arguments, excess, questionable decision making and uncertainty.

He survived his teenage years, narrowly, but Benny’s world was turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis in his early twenties. The toughest fight of a rough and tumble existence was a challenge he relished.

Given a second chance at life, Benny was an adrenaline junkie without fear, jumping motorcycles and quad bikes off giant ramps and putting his body on the line. Then came the accident that would change his life – and his right leg – forever.

Benny’s power to think positively and demand the best of himself made him an inspiration as he begun his nitro drag racing career and his quest to become the world’s quickest and fastest amputee.

But in a heart wrenching twist, it would not be Benny’s own life threatened again. Could he bring someone he loved through their darkest hour?

Fuelled is a collection of amazing tales from a young Australian larrikin who lives life on the edge – and often past it.

“We only get one life,” Benny said. “No matter how much we wonder what it is like to be somebody else, we only get our own lives.

“My life has been stranger than most and I’ve experienced things that very few people ever expect to happen in their lives – and all before I was 30. But all the challenges, the highs and the lows, have taught me that you only get one life and you need to fight for it.

“I’m writing this book not just to tell some funny yarns but also to give people hope that no matter how bad things seem, there are always things to look forward to.”

To take his stories to paper, Benny is working with journalist Luke Nieuwhof. As the editor of Drag News Magazine and a motorsport columnist for The West Australian newspaper, Luke has told the stories of hundreds of racers, but never one quite like this.

Kickstarter is being used to provide the necessary funding to produce and print Fuelled. The way Kickstarter works is ‘all or nothing’ – the goal has to be reached in order to fund production. If the goal isn’t reached, all money is returned. There are a number of reward levels set up for backers from simple pre-orders to launch party invites and race day experiences.

“We know there are some real good people out there so we need you to back this project,” Benny said. “We’ve come up with sweet incentives and the launch party will go off, so we highly recommend getting on board at that ‘Bloody Legends’ reward level.”

To back the Kickstarter and pre-order your copy of Fuelled, head to You can also join the Facebook group to follow the progress.

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