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The newly formed Australian Top Alcohol Association (ATAA) has been the first racer association to our knowledge to publicly announced their position in regards to the two national series now on offer.

ATAA President John Cannuli released the following statement.

“The members of the ATAA will support both the APDR and ANDRA series. We see all categories of Drag Racing in Australia – from Group 1 through to Group 4 as equally important and we are confident that by supporting both of the series at this time will only help to prosper and grow our sport. We are excited by the choice of our members not to isolate any related parties and the future partnership opportunities arising from this decision. ATAA now has a united voice and will be the ultimate decision maker for our category moving forward alongside the APDR Commission and ANDRA.”

Australian Professional Drag Racing (APDR) have also issued a competitors bulletin stating, “Team owners from all six of Australia‚Äôs Group 1 brackets have voted overwhelmingly in favour of supporting the new Australian Professional Drag Racing Series, so we welcome you all to an exciting new era in Australian Drag Racing.” – though a number of Group One racers have publically stated there is still much division in the ranks for the APDR series.

The bulletin also says the first meeting for the new APDR Racer Commission will be held in Sydney on Monday where series details will be confirmed, along with the broadcast schedule ahead of a major series launch.

There are many questions still left unanswered including how the APDR can circumvent the Group One rights issue which is currently owned by ANDRA, hopefully this and firm answers to other burning questions will come to light in the coming week.

Brad Miocevich, Joseph Rodriquez and Tony Wedlock for the APDR will be travelling to Adelaide to meet with ANDRA Chairman Michael Fotheringham and board member Robin Judd on Tuesday, and bulletin states, “Our events will be ANDRA sanctioned and it has always been our purpose to work in with our governing body on the positive promotion of the sport nationally. Our talks will be concentrated on moving the sport forward and achieving the goals set by Australian Professional Drag Racing Ltd.”

Let’s hope the talks are productive and a resolution found.



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