ANDRA Approved Fuel listing update

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ANDRA has updated the ANDRA Approved Fuels listing. The changes to previously documented fuel homologations are:

* Caltex Bio E-Flex E85 Ethanol added to listing. Fuel homologation testing will be conducted on E85 at all tracks and MUST comply with conditions specified within the MSDS Sheet only for Caltex Bio E-Flex E85 fuel and not for other fuel types. Variations from specified data will result in the subject fuel being disallowed from competition for that event. The specific gravity range for Caltex Bio E=Flex is 0.76-0.79 at 20°C The colour stated for this fuel is CLEAR. For further information regarding this fuel including the locations for purchasing please visit

* SUNOCO MaxNos Leaded – Colour previously was listed as RED, corrected to reflect colour YELLOW in listing

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