ANDRA commissions strategic review

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During their April meeting, the National Control Council of the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) commissioned a new project.

The project sets to define the strategic intent of the organisation and to specify value for stakeholders and beneficiaries, while ensuring ANDRA has the structure and capability to meet these objectives.

With the sport and the industry at pivotal points in their evolution it is vital that all aspects of the operation are capable, and at the forefront of the market. Drag racing has two facets – the sport itself, and the entertainment factor which part funds venues and activities. Each depends on the other for success.

The study will concentrate on a number of issues;

•         The Strategic Plan for ANDRA over the next three years;
•         Goals and objectives appropriate to the needs and expectations of stakeholders;
•         The appropriate corporate/operational structure to meet the objectives.

It is envisaged a broad based communication process will be pursued, where members will be engaged in focus groups, surveys and open feedback sessions with Divisions. This information will be fed directly back into the process and specific objectives will be prioritised. It is expected the process should be completed within six months, a tight yet achievable target.

The project includes a review of the existing strategic goals and objectives to ensure they meet stakeholder needs and deliver long term value. At the same time a review of the structure from an operational viewpoint will be carried out to ensure the goals are best achieved.

A dedicated Project Manager has been appointed to undertake the review. Malcolm Bulley has been working in the corporate sector for over 20 years, most recently as a senior executive in a member based financial institution. Bulley has a wealth of knowledge in medium to large organisational strategic planning and operational structures and a history of strong organisational performance over corporate competitors. He is committed to delivering solid targets for the success of ANDRA and Australian Drag Racing. Last and certainly not least Bulley has been a drag racer himself for over 15 years in Western Australia.

ANDRA CEO Tony Thornton said the review was an important step for the organisation. “The decision to move to a company structure was made five years ago but that step has proven to be more of a challenge than expected.” he said. “The appointment of Mal Bulley will give us the resources to deliver that, and review other aspects of our strategies for the future.”

ANDRA is committed to engaging its members and stakeholders in the journey, ensuring we can be at the forefront of motor sport in Australia.

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