ANDRA Condemns Melbourne Violence

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The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) condemned the violent behaviour on the streets of Oakleigh as totally and absolutely unacceptable.
A spokesman for ANDRA also said the Victorian Government must bear some responsibility for fuelling the frustration of motor sport fans in this state.

Gary Miocevich, the project director of the ANDRA initiative, “motorvate Melbourne” – a campaign for a new Victorian State Government drag racing facility says he has been telling the Premier and the Sports Minister for three years that frustration among local motor sports fans is reaching boiling point.

“The reality is that Victorian motor sport fans get a rough deal from this Government and their concerns and interests are largely ignored”, said Miocevich.

“When fans get frustrated it sadly comes out in incidents like this and in illegal street racing and yet there are far less such incidents in the states which provide appropriate outlets for motor enthusiasts”.

“We have been in discussion with the Victorian State Government for 3 and a half years now and those talks are just that – endless talk that goes around and around, I think they believe there are not enough motor sport fans, that they are unimportant compared to other sports”, he added.

“The Victorian Government seems well prepared to invest in facilities for AFL, Tennis, Golf and Harness Racing fans to name but a few but when it comes to motorsport, unless you come from the big end, the grand prix end of town you don’t get a look in, I think it’s unfair and it’s wrong”, said Miocevich.

Ten years ago Victoria was the Australian capital of drag racing but there is currently no venue in Victoria where championship drag racing can take place and so even champion Victorian teams cannot currently race in their home state.

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