ANDRA Divisional Council delegate and Divisional Director nominations invited for 2012

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Nominations are invited from Full Members of ANDRA for the position of ANDRA Divisional Council Delegate in all ANDRA divisions.

In those divisions where the Division Director is due for election, four delegate positions will be declared vacant. In those where the Division Directors continue until 2013, five positions will be elected. This is shown below:

Number of delegate positions

Northern Australia – 5

Victoria/Tasmania – 5

South Queensland – 4

South Australia – 4

New South Wales – 4

Western Australia – 5

Delegates who may have been appointed by the Divisional Council over the past year where casual vacancies have occurred must vacate their positions at this time, and seek nomination if they wish to continue.

The position of Division Director in the South Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria/Tasmania divisions of ANDRA are due for election in 2012.

Nominations are invited from full members of ANDRA in the respective divisions.

The Division Director position in Victoria/Tasmania is due in odd years but following the resignation of the incumbent in 2011, the position is currently held by an alternate and must be re-nominated.

Nominees should note that ANDRA is now a limited company structure. The Divisional elections will be conducted using the ANDRA Constitution.

The most important issue for Division Directors is that they may become Board Members of a Company Limited by Guarantee, which would bring with it a much higher level of responsibility. The website of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission includes useful information on the responsibilities of directors.

Nomination documents may be requested from ANDRA on (08) 82715355, or by email to

They should be completed as instructed and returned to ANDRA no later than March 31st, 2012, as detailed in the material.

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